Lightning strikes!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by SciGuy, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. 1 for the big one though!

  2. Outstanding.
  3. Nice! The big one didn't get away.;) I'm sure that was a most excellent adventure on the fly rod!
  4. Holy smokes that fish is huge, well done!
  5. Hell yes!!!!! That is awesome!

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  6. Nice work Bill. I know you've work hard to hook up a king. They are always a great bonus when fishing for coho.
    For us stuck in the office, lets hear some details on the battle.....;)
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  7. I'm a witness and it was impressive....the rest of us were hooking up on every cast with an impossible amount of seaweed.
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  8. TOAD!!!!!
  9. What a sweet fish!
  10. That must've been one hell of a lot of fun!!!
  11. Here piggy, piggy!
  12. That is a pretty special fish and one that I won't soon forget. I'd like to describe the battle in more detail but it is now kind of a blur. I was using a big, gaudy Shock & Awe made of a mixture of Flashabou and Fishair...mostly green and flash but with a little blue and purple mixed in. I felt a tug at the very, very end of a strip and then grabbed another length of line and strip set hard. It definitely felt different from the beginning. Unlike most of the Coho I've hooked, it didn't begin the fight with a long series of head shakes. It went on a few runs at first and in between stopped to slosh around on the surface. During one of those sloshing periods I got a perfect silhouette of its tail and only then knew it was indeed a King. It got into my backing twice but mainly stayed out as far as the end of my fly line. After it tired out a bit, I got it close to the beach 5-6 times but it kept running back out 50-70 feet. I simply could not turn it. Finally after about 10 minutes or so (actually I have no idea how long the fight lasted) it was as cooked as my arm was and I slide it onto the surf line moments after a fellow angler confirmed that it was clipped. Like Brian said, I've been working hard for a King this year and can't believe it finally happened.

    I'll post a picture of the fly when I get home tonight.
  13. i noticed that he had a net stuck in the back of his waders that would've been useful had he caught a fish about half that size...
  14. Yes the CNR net for cutties was never an option!
  15. I was fishing next to Dan a bait fisherman and Bill was on the other side of him. Dan turned to me and said "looks like Bill just hooked a King". Dan and I both cleared the water to Bills right but the fish went left. It was quit a fight but Bill kept the pressure on the fish never high sticking him but always letting him know just who was in charge. That was the only fish I saw landed by anyone. Gives the Buss Bombers something to talk about. Glad you brought him to the beach. Nice fish and nice to watch him being played. Thanks.
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  16. Awesome day! Someday I will get one of those!
  17. Terrific job Bill! You really earned that chinook. I wish I could have been there to witness it. If you are not careful you might hook another one this year.
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  18. Thanks for the report for us guys in the office! It certainly sounds like a hell of a ride! Congrats on the beautiful fish. I always love it when the fly outfishes the gear, especially when they ask "you ever catch anything with that?", and then you take home all the bacon. Awesome!
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  19. Cool!

    I like the fact you were going for the Yahtzee with the jumbo Shock-N-Awe!
  20. Bill, nice job, nice king. what does it weight and what was your leader weight? kudo's, bet the gear heads were crapping with that one.

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