Lightweight, sweet, Deschutes cannon?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by chromeseeker, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. The LPXe promoted by GR8LAKES_FLYER in post #8 is quite an impressive lightline stick. The lines he listed give an accurate feel for the Euro 7/8 line class rating. Possible Irish Angler or RedShed might have a demo rod available.

    Good Luck..
  2. Ooooooh !!!

    That is the rod I was searching for !!!!
    Then Scierra pulled out before I could get one ...... I'm jealous ..... however I did manage to get my paws on two of it's bigger brothers !! The 13'7'' 9/10 HMSvII and the 14'8'' 9/10 HMSvII :thumb:(like a 7/8 and 8/9 US line wt. respectively) . The Guideline LPXe series was the closest I could find to the Scierra's .
    After casting and swinging the 12'6'' 7/8 LPXe , I'm glad I found it !!

  3. Hi Chromeseeker,
    If you don't need a sweet little rod right now and going to the Sandy River Speyclave, wait and try a couple out there, i know there is a little 12ft rod that i have tried out, that its going to be launched at the Clave... and this thing will blow the rest away, it is just AWESOME, not finished yet, but i hear its going to be there with its bigger brothers.
    Really light but power like no other 12ft rod i have ever tried.
  4. Meiser MKS 12'6" 6/7 - Throws a 450 Skagit like a rocket. It's my Deschutes rod and I love it.

  5. I have a 13'4'' 6/7/8 solstice that is great on those little fish. It is a little soft I think to be a really good scando rod I think, I use a 7/8 delta with a floating tip.
  6. Aaron has a 12'6" LPXe 7/8 for sale now on Ebay. Will probably go for a steal.
    I have the same rod in 8/9 and like it. (The European ratings are a size over ours so the 7/8 is more like our 6/7). But for a big river dryline rod nothing beats my 16' 6/7/8 Highlander!!
  7. Dan, if I didn't have too many light rods already I'd be hounding Aaron for that little LPXe.
    My 12'6" 5/6 Deer Creek would be a sweet little rod too, maybe a skosh light.
  8. Another vote for the Winston 13'3" 7 weight. Put an AFS head of 460 grains on there and let it fly.
  9. Second on that rod.. Fantastic little rod that will be just fine with Scandi or short belly work....
  10. I'd pick up a used sage 6126 euro (green blank).
  11. I'd put an Airflo Compact Scandi on your 1307 when they become available. Its a pretty damn sweet.
  12. you know, after two suggested rods I have to throw one more out there...I cast this rod yesterday on a trip with Scott ODonnell and fell in love.

    7136 Z Axis. but it has to be properly lined. It is mystical man, whew!

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