Like plugging Holes in a Dike

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by miyawaki, Mar 4, 2003.

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    Well of course it's personal, and you should have kept it that way...

    Speaking for myself on this, as a guide and as a fly fisher, I strongly object to the ESPN fly fishing competitions.

    I do this because of the way they behaved up in Lake Placid, New York when they held the games up there. The way they managed the water and the fish was a farce. Many northeast regional groups were very upset with the whole thing. Many individuals also spoke up about this. The state of New York saw it as another promotional opportunity to oversell fishing in the area and proceeded to dump a bunch of unusually large,( for their regular stocking programs), fish in the waters for competition. The locals were roundly snubbed off of their own water as the V.I.P.'s took over.

    I see no redeeming value in fly fishing competitions as a way to promote or model any type of real conservation ethic.

    And I think that the way I guide; "Hike and Wade,No Kill, Catch and Release Only, Barbless Hooks, Leave-No-Trace" ,speaks for it's self.

    It is not just about " making money off the fish". It is about sharing a respect and reverence for the natural world and for the arts of fly fishing. It is about a way of life.
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    Burr in the Saddle- As you may have noticed I work in Missoula, which was the primary site that ESPN wanted to use for the competition. It was denied by the State of Montana. As a business person it makes perfect sense for me to welcome as many competitions as possible to the valley I grew up in. More anglers know about us, more boats for me, right.

    As my post suggested my primary goal isn't money, it is the sharing of our sport with others that respect the water and the experience. If there is one business that is almost a guarantee to never get rich it is the guide business. Yes, I don't do it for free and some of my bills are paid by feeding fish flies, but I am unwilling to sell out some of the virtues that make this great sport what it is for a more money. As with any profession- some doctors do it for the money, and others do it to heal.

    Old Joke-
    How do you make a little fortune in fly fishing?

    Start with a big fortune.

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