Lilac Haze

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Hywel, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Here's something a little different.

  2. VERY NICE!!! I saw your last tie, using Easter basket grass for body material and wanted to comment on it. I like them both. Once I get a camera and sit down in the fall and tie steelie flies, I will post some of mine.

    Where do you get your Jungle Cock feathers? I was looking at cheap capes on ebay and determining if the nails are good or not.

    Again, very nice tie.

  3. Hey Bob,

    I'm glad you liked the flies!

    The only people or sources I'd recommend for J.C. is Dave at Waters West in Port Angeles, or Jack Cook at the Irish Angler.

    Both are very discerning about grading and selection - so you're able to get a quality cape without mortgaging your house. I can't tell you how many skins I've seen that were graded 'A' or 'Exhibition' that Dave or Jack would have graded 'B' or worse.

  4. Hywel, very nice fly. The color Lilac is not utilized enough in my opinion. I have been tying a stickleback minnow pattern for the saltwater that is pale lilac over pale pink. The fly is tied clouser style and is very sparse. It is extremely translucent. I caught a lot of Coho last fall that were feeding on sticklebacks on the surface.

    Thanks for sharing another beautiful fly! Steve
  5. Beautiful tie:thumb: Did you use a Waddington , or snip the bend of a regular hook ?
  6. Thanks for the kind words, Guys!


    I completely agree with your opinion about Lilac being an under-utilized color! If you ever have a chance to chat with Dave McNeese, you might ask him what he thinks of the color, too. *g*


    I used a 35mm Double Waddington. You can dress the same pattern on a 'cut' hook, though, the only extra step you'll have to take is to de-bur the shank to prevent chafing your leader material.

  7. Wow. I wish I could tie trailer Hooks like that. What is the recipie for it?
  8. Here ya go, 'Clint F'

    HOOK - Octopus/Beak Hook - Size #2 - #2/0 - Furled on 20lb Fl. Red 'Amnesia' Leader Material
    TIP/TAG - Fine Silver Tinsel and Purple or Lilac Mirror Flash
    TAIL - G.P. Crest(s)
    BUTT - Black Ostrich Herl

    BODY - (dressed on 30 -40mm Double Waddington Shank) - Hareline Purple STS Trilobal Dub
    BODY HACKLE - 4 to 5 equal turns of (stripped) Silver Dun Marabou over Dubbing
    COLLAR(S) - Lilac or Light Purple Marabou under B.E.P. or Grey Dun Marabou under a final collar of
    natural Black Neck Hackle
    WING ACCENT - (mixed) Steelhead Peril and Silver Lite-Brite and a few strands of Pearl Midge Flash
    WING - Pair of matched Purple-dyed or Black-dyed Golden Pheasant Breast Feathers
    CHEEKS - (optional) Jungle Cock
    HEAD - Danville's Fl Orange 6/0 (no-wax) Flymaster thread


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