Limits on legal leader length in fly only waters

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ChucknDuck, Jan 29, 2002.

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    It was recently brought to my attention at an South Puget Sound area fly shop during the discussion of fishing chironomids deep on a floating line, that the max length of leader that is legally allowed is no more than 11 feet. The proprieter assured me that this was in the regs under fly only classification. Interesting, since I know of spots where a chironomid hanging off of 20-30ft of leader on a floater seems more effective than deep sunk bugs on a full sink. Any validity to this claim?

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    It reads " or monofilament leader longer than 15' or with a breaking weight of more than 12 lbs". But that's in Fly Fishing waters only. If I was reading the fly fishing rules correctly it says only 25" of fly line. I think with a fly rod 25" would be hard to cast. It used to be 25'if I remember right. Also if you read between the lines it says leaders, but nothing about tippets. And every one uses tippets of various lengths. Just my .02 Jim S. :THUMBSUP
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    I think the 25" must be a typo, but I believe the rule says you can use other than fly line for backing or leader if it's attached to "at least" 25" (presumably it should be feet; 25" seems bizarre). The other interesting thing is that the limit on leader test is 12 lbs.