Lincoln Park SRC (???) success

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by SteelieD, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. SteelieD

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    Lincoln Park success

    So I finally had some success in the salt. But before I go gettin' too excited, I want to be sure of what I caught. I caught two of these just as the sun was setting on the ferry dock side at Lincoln Park. I am assuming they are SRC's, but since I have never had any success there, I am not entirely sure. Help...?

  2. lx-88

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    I went out with a friend today from 10:30am to about 1pm. We both had about five pulls and saw one fish roll on my fly, but neither of us caught any. The strikes were all on the ferry side of the park.

    Unfortunetly I am no expert on what you caught, but it does appear to have color under the jaw.
  3. ibn

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    That's a salmon, check out the tail, it's forked. Congrats on the nice resident coho! Those can be a lot of fun, especially when you hit a big scool.

    Compare it to a pic of a searun, they're pretty distinct when you examine them closely:

  4. Roger Stephens

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    iagree with ibn. It is definitely a resident coho.

    :thumb: Congratulation on catching a couple of those guys!

  5. SteelieD

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    Nice! Thanks guys. I had a feeling those weren't SRC's that's why I asked. I did catch 'em one right after another so I must've hit a school. I am stoked! Fun fighters for little fish!! Full of P & V!

    '06 goes out with a bang!:beer2:

    Here's a couple more photo's...

  6. Derek,
    Ya that's a salmon all right. Great fishing. Sorry again for leaving so early, I wish I would have stayed. Damn cold! Let's get out there next week.
    Nice shot of the sound.
    PS This makes me wonder if the guy and his girlfriend down the way where catching salmon too. I suspect they where and didn't know it.
  7. Djustham

    Djustham Sculpin are gross.

    Nice job on the rezzies! From what I have been hearing the action has been good on them lately, and they will continue to grow at a rapid rate for the rest of the winter, making them pretty good eats come the end of winter...ptyd
  8. Will Atlas

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    Thats actually a juvenile chinook. Notice the short anal fin...
    good work, but careful with those guys, give em a few years and they'll really be worth catching.
  9. South Sound

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    One thing. I just wanted to give you one suggestion. If you really want to hook up with more searuns then I would not wade out to waist deep. I would either not wade at all or go no more than knee deep. Just a suggestion.
  10. Canoe Rider

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    What flies were you using? I just got a bunch of steelhead flies for X-Mas. Was wondering if they would work well in the salt. A bunch of bright popsicles and babine specials to name a few.
  11. Ringlee

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    They look like pinks to me with the large spots from the top of the tail all the way to the bottom. As well as a purplish tint on the back. Silvers lack spots on the bottom half of the tail.

    Good job on catching some fish out there! It can be a fun and rewarding time of year in the sound.
  12. SteelieD

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    West - yeah, I've heard that about SRC's. I'll remember it next time I'm there. That picture of the guy waist deep is not me actually, another fisherman that I met, but I thought it was cool shot. I was wading about knee deep when I caught these fish.

    Canoe - pink clousers. about a size 8.

    Thanks cascade, yean I landed 'em quick, took a picture and sent them on thier way. Fiesty little bastards. Can't wait 'til they are bigger.

    Understanding that here are several species, when is the best time for salmon in the sound?
  13. Rialto

    Rialto Member

    I'll second Ringlee and say those look like pinks. In addition to what he said, the scales look smallish, which is a pink ID standard.
  14. Les Johnson

    Les Johnson Les Johnson

    There are no immature pink salmon around. They leave as little critters shortly after they leave parent rivers in the spring to head for the north Pacific and return two years later as adults. The spotted salmon is a blackmouth (immature chinook). Check for the telltale black gumline.
    Good Fishing,
  15. SteelieD

    SteelieD Non Member

    Thanks Les. I appreciate the reply.

    No matter what they are, I'm just happy to have had some success. I'll be down there often!
  16. g_smolt

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    Those are Juvenile chinook...check the spotting pattern, the anal fin, the gumline, the sheen on the caudal...

    Coho have a bluer back, "peppery" spots (and less of them), white gumline, no spots on lower caudal lobe and less caudal sheen.

    Les is spot on. No humpies til 07/07

  17. westie

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    Just a thought here, but the fish in the first pic looks like a silver and the second one looks like a chinook. Does anyone else think that, or am I out in left field?

  18. Roger Stephens

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  19. Djustham

    Djustham Sculpin are gross.

    my thoughts as well.
  20. Dan Massaro

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    First time salt success as well out at Brown's Point today. Caught this 12" king and had another hit on a #4 Chartruese Clouser.
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