Line for a BIIMX 12'3"

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Darthmonkey, Mar 3, 2012.

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    So I just ordered a 12'3" BIIMX switch rod, I've only casted it a few times and I cannot remember for the life of me what line was on it. Winston reccomends line weights 493-524 grains for a Scandi head, or adding 50-70 grains for a Skagit head. This gives a widest grain range for a Skagit head of 543-594 grains. My question is; does anyone have experience casting this rod with skagit heads? If so what did you like on this rod? My limited experience with BIIMX rods is that generally these rods need to be overlined, I have a 9'6" MX 7 weight that casts an 8WFF line much better than a 7WFF and throws a 300 grain sinking line really well. Is this trend seen with the MX two handed rods?
    My thinking is a 625gr Skagit Compact would be a good start as I can always cut the head back to lighten the head. Any thoughts or comments to add would be greatly appreciated. I'll be moving back to the PNW and can't wait to get back into steelhead, east coast blows.
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    Congrats with your choice of a 'True Star' rod :thumb:

    Haven't tried or fished Skagits on mine.. yet. Many feel Winston is a bit heavy handed with line recs but they work and suit a percentage of people, no denying that. The rod performs well over a broad range of head weights, hallmark of an excellant stick.

    Heads I've used: RIO AFS 7/8 with 10' intermediate poly and 4' - 5' tippit. Rocket.. rod will drive it out off the fringes. Guideline DDC 9/10 cut to 460 'ish' GREAT fishing head.. distance & turns over [what I consider] good sized ties. Couple of good friends have same rod, one runs DDC of just over 500gr and loves it. The other will likely chime in on this thread.

    6.1 ounce for a 12'3" rod is a feather.. mine checked out exact on scales.

    John Hazel, Dechutes Angler Shop, recommendations. Center/Spey Rods/Winston BII-MX Spey Rods.html 12'3" recs quoted below.

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    600 grain skagit. im sure someone will chime in and say its too heavy, but if you try it you will understand. shotgunner is on the spot for scandi lines. this has become my goto winter rod regardless of river size. never have i felt compromised in the slightest.
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    I have been using the Airflo compact switch @540 and like the match.
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    I am using a CND 7/8 line on mine. How large of water are you working with? I tend to use a line that will work for what I am fishing and How. Atlantics, Steelies. Skating a fly
    or winter fish deep and slow.

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    I plan on fishing winter steelhead in small to medium sized streams. Think lots of overhangs, an aggressive wader, and articulated flies with dumb-bell eyes or chunks of lead tied into the body, maximum casting distance of 80 feet if I can help it.
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    I dont have that rod myself, kno a few who do tho.
    Think you ought to get yer mitts on a 600 and a 625 , both skagit shorts to see which you prefer.
    Specially w/the flies you describe - you'll want the mass that the skagit shorts have in order to get the job done. With minimal stroke and expended energy.

    Running shorts on two of my stics now. Have two other shorts that R homemade N 3yrs old. Stics under 13.5ft--thats what I prefer for dirty work.
    Short Fat lines R the shiznik for short rods N tips N mongo sized flies.
  8. hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

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    loved that rod with the 525 short, but the 430 stlhd scandi was a wet dream. i only got to cast it a few hours, but that rod is so far beyond switch rod, i think the rod might be insulted. :eek: only rods i've liked that much were my tcx and burkies.