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  1. I have read a lot about line coatings such as floatant, and lubricators and of course dry fly floatants.
    A silcone paste for line was suggested but I am not sure.
    Many refuse to use floatant on flies as it glues them, they figure air dry is the best.
    However, are there any recommendations for both line and fly floatants and lubricators, pro or con.
  2. just remember, throw 'em back

    i bought a cabelas fly line cleaner/enhancer/floatant thingie. i was skeptical but man it worked like a charm. my fly line looked and felt new and it casted great. i was really impressed. just wipe it on w/ a damp rag and remove excess. great product.

    im interested in fly floatants. i dont fish dries very often except when i fish grasshoppers in the summer. they sink like rocks after a cast or too. what do u guys use? is there anything you can use streamside?

  3. Loon AQUEL. The stuff is like putting helium on your fly(s). it comes in a small squeeze bottle and costs about $5.00. Just keep it off your leader unless you want it on the surface as well, I've found that it (floating leader) can put fish down though if they see alot of action.
  4. All I've gotta say is Frog's Fanny.

    You can buy it from at Kaufmans.

  5. I use the Umpqua Fly Line cleaner and their little tool to clean my fly line.

    I use Gink for my fly floatant. It works great, and floats them well!

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  6. The Frog's Fanny is great stuff. I'm going through a lot.
  7. Line dressing is sweet stuff when you line gets old and needs some TLC. I use Glide and apply it with a little peice of shammy cloth. I never bring it with me to the river though. I have used Gink, Loon and Aquel and I can see much difference although someone could be willing to step up and argue this opinion. I sometimes use the stuff that needs 12 hours to cure for flies that might soak up water easily and then I never need floatant. Stuff is expensive but lasts a long time. I don't use sinkant like xink though. I just rub my nymph or streamer in the moss underwater and that works great. It hides the glue odors and gets rid of the trapped air bubbles.

    Do you think any of these chemicals are harmful. Does anyone ever think about that? I really don't know but it would be interesting to see.

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