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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Scott Behn, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Just picked up a Deer Creek 8136 and it came with a reel spooled up with a windcutter tips line. I'm not familiar with these lines, so any help is welcomed. There are tags in the wallet for the sinking lines that have 9s on them, but when I look online I'm not able to figure out if this is an 8/9 or a 9/10 line. Also what other lines have the local folks liked with these rods.
  2. It's my understanding the "9" on the tip indicate they are for the 8/9/10 Windcutter. This would be for the 585 grain version which makes sense for your 8136. Still a good line that has caught many, many fish over the years.

    Obviously the trend in recent years has been towards running lines with loops to allow the use of skagit and scandi heads and everything in between. Without knowing your casting style or fishing locations it's hard to throw out a line recommendation but a Saturday spent at the Fall City Bridge with Aaron at River Run Anglers would be a great way to try different lines.

    The Deer Creek series has a lot of fans and should serve you well.
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  3. Scott, the WindCutter lines are part of the diminishing but still vitally important family of semi-short belly lines (usually bellies, or heads of 50-60 feet, including the interchangeable tips). The Airflo Delta is another one. Lines of this length are a good fit for rods from longer switch rods to around 14 feet, and cast well with flies from floating to medium-heavy sinking flies. I think the WindCutters are the only spey lines with a triple size number; go by the middle number. (How that came to be is a holdover from the Paleolithic era of modern spey line design.)
  4. I love windcutters. I have two, I recently found a stash of old rio lines on the N Umpqua. I picked up a 5/6 (even before I had a rod for it). I have a 10/11/12 on my 15' 10wt, and that thing turns over anything with authority.

    Isn't the Godshall Vector based on the Windcutter. I believe I heard that somewhere.

    Fantastic line, I'd just stick with the windcutter.
  5. I have the 8/9 Deer Creek in the 15' model. IF you have difficulty with the Windcutter like I did (although it was underlined) You might try 550 to 650 Skagit flight, 550 Airflo Rage, or shortbellys and midbellys...650 to 750 the Delta or the Winter Authority...IMO the Windcutter is difficult to cast but if you can get it to work for you you will become a pretty handy caster.
  6. I second Wade on this one. In my opinion the Skagit flight is much easier and less frustrating to cast, especially if you are relatively new to speycasting. I have them both, but only use the Skagit flight now.

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