Line suggestions for a switch rod.

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    I just picked up a TLr 11ft 8wt yesterday. Today I picked up a White River Fly Shop Kingfisher 9/10 reel and the Rio Skagit Versitip 500gr kit.

    I'm in MI and wanted a two-handed rod to use in tight spaces. With the exception of the larger Lake Michigan tribs most of the rivers I fish are less than 100ft wide and hemmed in tight by trees or other structure. So being able to throw 30-60ft of line with no aerial backcast is indispensible. I considered a full-on spey rod but opted for the switch as it will be more versitile on the rivers I fish most often. And the switch will still work well on those bigger Lake Michigan rivers.

    I would've loved to get a Scott T3h or Sage One and a high-end reel but spending $1500-2000 on a rig I may not use but 5-10 times a year was hard to justify. Also, I'm not sure I'm gonna like spey casting. So I went real low-budget. If it turns out I like the two-handed method I can go out and get that high-end rig to suit my tastes.

    I'll be on the water tomorrow with this new rig. Hopefully my first attempts at spey casting go well and I can post how the 500gr Skagit casts on this rod.

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