Line Suggestions for Steelhead Nymphing

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Shaun Martin, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Shaun Martin

    Shaun Martin Member

    Hello everyone, just looking for some advice. I have a 9.5ft. 7 wt. single hand rod that I intend to use for nymphing. What lines do you recommend? Brand, weight, etc.

    I also have a 10' 10" 7wt. switch rod that I've considered using for nymphing if I'm out with only one rod. Line recommendations? Brand, weight, etc.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. bkerbs

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    I have the same rod length and wt. I lined my rod with the GPS steelhead taper, in an 8 wt. for me it works well for nymphing and swinging flies. My rod roll casts like a machine with that line and a nymph rig! I like having the ability to fish both styles with one rod.
  3. JesseC

    JesseC Active Member

    Royal Wuff line is one that I'm hearing a lot about these days.

    I have used the rio switch and speydicator lines both extensively. I like the speydicator the best out of the box. It floats amazingly well - but once it breaks in it sinks like an intermediate. It doesn't seem to hold a coat of floatant for more than half the day. It makes me think it's getting water logged.

    The rio switch line is pretty good as well and I think it'd be better for single hand nymphing use. It's not as "floaty" out of the box - but long term it's the better line and holds up. It takes a coat of floatant well in the morning and floats all day.
  4. Randall Clark

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    I use the Rio Switch line for nymping on my SH rods most of the time and it works great for that. If I'm going to be doing some swinging in any particular day, I'll often grab a reel lined up with the Wulff Ambush. It works great for nymphing small rivers that I like to fish but the only downside is that with the short head and thin running line, you can't stack mend. But, it just forces you to get a little more creative with your mending...more line lifts and more aerial mending...tougher, but still effective (it really shines when swinging with a SH). plus, it'll turn over anything (as will the Switch line). I've also thrown a few standard SH lines like the Rio Indicator and the the SA GPX and nothing compares to these two...performance-wise (I've never thrown the Speydicator, so can't speak to its effectiveness).
  5. Shaun Martin

    Shaun Martin Member

    Thanks for the input! Gonna try out a couple based on your recs.
  6. Rob Allen

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    double taper 9. using a line that has a small diameter running line is a mistake because you cannot do a stack mend beyond 30 feet with a weight forward. a steelhead taper would also work that would allow you to stack mend 50 feet away.

    oops where did that 9 come from? however if your rod will handle a 9 the added mass will help turn things over
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  7. Klickrolf

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    This is exactly correct. There is no tapered head that will give you more control or more options overall. The DT9 will add load and mending capacity. Nymphing is not about distance, it's about line control.

    With a single hander (or a switch) equiped with a thingamabobber and a heavy fly (or two) you'll not need to worry about casting very far, so line control wins.