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  1. I am building a 13' 108/9-4 forecast rod. I am new to spey casting but have a lifetime of fishing/ making shooting heads for overhead casting ( I ave lived on the banks of the stilly for 30 years) so it seems to me a rio flight line might be what I need...around 600 grains? Any other ideas? perhaps this rod would fish better with another type of line?
  2. how, where and when your going to fish, and how you prefer to cast all come into play. skagit lines are like a mack truck. built to haul a heavy payload (heavy tips and flies), but not very pretty doing it. scandi and traditional lines are ferraris. built for speed and handling, not for big payloads, but way sexier and more enjoyable to cast. check out the rio compatability chart on their site, and maybe search your rod on speypages.
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  3. Go to and ask Poppy.Honest,cheap..lives for this shtuff.
    He has supply for line building as well ass the little book by Al Buhr who know everything too.Everyone should patronize these true know-it-alls since they keep us all informed.
  4. 600 grain skagit lines work well on my 8/9 rods. The Skagit Flight has a taper that turns sinktips over more smoothly than simple fat, level skagit heads. So you're on the right track.
  5. I have a rod built on this blank and it is much more of a 9/10 than an 8/9 so any 8/9 weighted line won't be enough to get the rod to flex. A Skagit head anywhere in the 650 grain range will take this rod from being frustrating and disappointing to a powerhouse rod that is fun to fish. Additionally if you want a floating line for the rod a 9/10 AFS or Delta Spey will work just fine.

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