Ling flinging

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Nick Clayton, May 12, 2014.

  1. Nick Clayton

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    20140512_111022.jpg IMG_1021.JPG Josh Smestad got ahold of me just as I was heading out this morning and met up with me at Kingston to go for another shot at lings. We got on the water probably sometime around 8:30 or so I'm guessing, and made the 15 minute run over to where we were gonna fish. The plan was to fish through the morning low tide exchange, not an all day affair. Josh said he had never fished lings, and didn't have the gear, but was down to come along. I had my 10 wt and some gear rods, and Josh did some jigging for a spell, but mostly we ended up just trading off with the fly rod.

    Things were slow for the first hour or two, with no action.... we were getting the hang of the tide, casting together in the boat, and slowing the boat enough to get the line down. After a while we moved down to another chunk of breakwater, where I finally got a grab! It wasn't a super hard take, rather it felt rather like dragging the bottom or weeds or something... Until I gave it some pressure and it tugged back... Game on! I was so stoked to hook something on the fly! I quickly got the fish on the reel, and then we played tug of war for a few. Not the hardest fighting fish I've ever hooked, but STRONG! Put a great bend in the 10 wt, and had no trouble peeling off line to run back down to the bottom against the tight drag on my reel. I was giggling like a little school girl the whole time, so amazed that I actually hooked one.

    After a few minute fight I was able to land this 32" fish. Success!!! I was so stoked. Josh and I were high fiving and were quite excited. I quickly handed off the rod and got us back in position, and it wasn't but maybe a few minutes when Josh got a good grab and hooked up as well... Unfortunately his fish came unbuttoned shortly thereafter. That was the last of our action. The tide picked up and we decided to call it and head back.... But I tell ya, I was so thrilled to actually land on of these fish that I was on cloud nine! I just kept uttering... "I can't believe that actually worked! " haha And for Josh to hook one too.... Sooooo friggin awesome.

    Both strikes came within an hour or so after slack tide, which was kind of our goal to fish both sides of slack. Both fish took the same fly, red/yellow/white and flash with a Fish Skull

    Probably the most thrilled I've ever been hooking a fish. I can't wait to get another one!!!!!

    Thanks for all the great pointers on this forum for helping steer me in the right direction. And thanks to Josh for coming along and running the kicker nicely which allowed me to hook this fish. Next time maybe we'll both land one!
  2. Alexander

    Alexander Fishon

    I want to Gyotaku that fish! :) NICE fish!!! :)
  3. holtad

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    Awesome report!
  4. Stonefish

    Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

    Great job Nick & Josh
  5. Jay C

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    Way to go Nick! I am debating going out mid week, but there are big minus tides.
  6. Dipnet

    Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

    Since that fish was in the 26 - 36 inch window I assume you kept it. For those that have never eaten ling before all I can say is "Yummmm!"

    Although I love a good piece of salmon, ling cod and halibut and most rockfish are my favorite table fare.

    Good job Nick! I'm trying to chase down some trailer wiring issues on my new (new to me anyway) boat purchase but hope to get out before the season ends!
  7. golfman44

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    Fuck yea!
  8. Bagman

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    Dam Nick you just had to do it when I was not with you. Good job glad you were able to find someone to help you out. Believe it or not my meeting with the IRS this morning did not go bad at all. I may have been almost as stoked with my morning as you were? No I wasn't.
  9. Tacoma Red

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    WTB: 10wt fishy rod with teeth marks. Nice going Nick!
  10. CLO

    CLO Boats and cohos

    Nice fish!
  11. Alexander

    Alexander Fishon

    Maybe Bagman = bad ju ju? ;) :D
  12. Nick Clayton

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    Thanks all. I was mighty stoked about that one. Still kinda shocked that it worked. Its crazy to think these fish can be caught on the fly. It was nice to get some affirmation that we were doing something right.

    I'm thinking I may head out for a repeat attempt tomorrow. I'm hooked for sure.
  13. Nick Clayton

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    Haha No way.... If it wasn't for Bagman I probably wouldnt even have my boat in the water at this point. I think he just used up all his good juju with the IRS lol
  14. Alexander

    Alexander Fishon

    Ha ha! Yeah, I'm just playin'! :)
  15. Bagman

    Bagman Active Member

    Got an empty seat tomorrow? I'm open.
  16. Nick Clayton

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    Yes sir I do. Tide change is around 10:40 or so, so my plan is to put in at 8, and fish till maybe an hour or so after the change before I gotta run back home and take care of a few things and pull the Smokercraft out to go meet up with someone who wants to look at it.

    You're definitely welcome to join!
  17. Bagman

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    Can anyone say fish taco's lingcod makes such great toco's.
  18. Bagman

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    Kingston? At 8am. I'll be there. Hope you haven't used up all the luck.
  19. Nick Clayton

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    Yep, Kingston. I'll see ya there!
  20. Patrick Allen

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    Nick, its like 80 degrees out. We need to get you a new hat !