Lining a Deer Creek 13 Ft 7/8

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I am sure this has been covered before, but I am wondering what line you guys like on your to fish on a Deer Creek 13 ft 7/8?

    I was fishing it with a 550 Skagit Flight and am not sure how I like this line. What do people think about a COmpact Skagit?

    Thanks for any help,
  2. 510 skagit
  3. I think I used a 480 on the one I had. It was pretty good.
  4. I have a 480 compact skagit on my deer creek 6/7. If that gives you any sort of reference.
  5. Man... Great rod!

    I fished that rod year round for 3 years and tried a bunch of stuff and settled on a 540 compact skagit. Beautiful combo! From type 3 and unweighted bugs on up to 13' of T17 and weighted intruders. Enjoy
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  6. What Sean said.. It was my first two hander that I actually liked and got along with. A 550 skagit flight should be just fine and will load that rod all the way to the cork but I like the Airflo head better. Also an Airflo delta 7/8 is about as easy to cast as you can get on a deer creek.
  7. I dig the 540 Skagit Compact on that rod as well.
    Recently picked up the SA Skagit Extreme Intermediate head at 520, loving it so far.
  8. Hmmmm. I have been fishing that same rod with a 510 skagit comp and usually 10' of T-10. I have always felt like I was pulling my anchor and my rod wasn't loading up. Im going to try a 540 tomorrow. Looked at the 540 and it is a foot longer. Am I running my T-10 too short? Or should I be running heavier?
  9. At the fly shop they just grab the book and tell you 510.
  10. Thanks Guys,

    The 540 Compact is what I will try next.

    @Josh P Pulling my anchor on my Double Spey has been a challenge for me. Other casts do no create the same problem.
  11. Your 510 and 10' tip should be fine. Just ease off on every aspect of the cast. Keep everything slow, and smooth. You might like the 540 better, and you could also try longer sink tips, but the outfit that you have now is a good one.
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  12. I agree with Wadecalvin, back off and slow down. Let the rod do the work. 510 is more than enough to load this rod. The rod is rated 450-700 grains so the 510 is in the lower part of the window but still with in the design rating. If you are having a hard time feeling the load you could go up 75-100 grains to help you out. Sometimes this will help out.
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  13. Airflo Compact Skagit 570 grain is the line of choice for the many people I know that use that stick, will chuck any tip and fly combo you care to use.
    Stay off the gas let the rod and line do the work.

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  14. I like the 570 Compact as'll turn pretty much any tip over up to 15' of T14.

    For a floater I like the 7/8 Delta.

    Both these lines go best with a slow, smooth casting stroke.
  15. I agree with the above posts....Slow Down!! Ihave fished this rod the past 3 winters. The 540 felt slow to me. I fish the 510 with heads as short as 8ft. and as long as 15ft. weights vary from 110 grs. - 160grs.
  16. I have never cast that stic ,so take what I say for what its worth..
    I do however own the 13ft 7/8 MKS, might be a bit more powerful than the deercreek..
    I run a skag short @ 575 grns N rio 15ft spey tips or T14 starting @ 8ft if conditions call for it..

    Line N rod combo is slicker than goose grease:cool: The bobster recommended an airflo 570 compact on that rod..
  17. I used 520 SGS for Skandit and a 550 beercan for punkin chunkin, 2' of overhang.

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