Lining an Echo SR 5wt for all purpose use

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  1. So, I thought I had this figured out, but now I'm seeing there are quite a few options to consider. I picked up an Echo SR 5wt switch, intending to use it on the beaches, but I also want to use it for steelhead and trout.

    For beach fishing, I've decided on a full intermediate line (Rio OB Short), so I'm set there.

    The next line I want to get is a line that I can use to:
    - fish streamers for trout
    - fish big dries for trout
    - fish with tips swinging for steelhead
    - fish off the beach with a floater (poppers or baitfish patterns shallow).

    I don't want to use it for indicator fishing. This may be trying to do too much with one line, but I'm not sure...

    I was originally thinking of getting an Airflo Skagit Switch, but realized that wouldn't be very useful for fishing big dries and as a floater at the beach. I'm considering the Airflo Scandi or the Airflo Rage instead. I'm thinking the Airflo Rage would be the best for still being able to fish poppers and big dries. Could I do this with the Scandi as well?

    Any other lines I should consider? Am I being unrealistic in trying to get a modern switch line for swinging and also wanting to use it like a floating line for dries and poppers? Go easy on me if I'm being really dumb here...
  2. I think you are going to have a tough time finding one line to do all you ask. I have that rod and have found that for beach fishing, big dries/poppers, and streamers something like your Outbound is hard to beat. I use an Airflo 40+. For swinging, if I'm using any kind of sink tip I use a Skagit Short and for dries or subsurface I use a Scandi Compact. I love that Scandi Compact on the SR and it is probably my favorite line of the bunch but I have a hard time throwing any kind of sink tip with it.
  3. For the past 4 months or so I have been using a 350 grain Royal Wulff Ambush shooting head on my Echo 5 weight switch rod, combined with MOW T-8 tips for sunk flies (small weighted and un-weighted marabou and small weighted bunny leech flies) and 10 foot monofilament leaders for skaters and damp flies. To say the least, I could not be more pleased with its performance. I hope that this helps.
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  4. I can't comment on the beach part, but for dries, streamers, and using tips for swinging, I would recommend the airflo rage.

    I have the same rod but in a 6 that I use for summer runs, pinks, bulls, etc and absolutely love the rage line on it. Works nice as a dry line, absolutely love it with any polyleader from floating to extra fast sink, and works with light tips.
  5. Another vote for the Ambush. Extremely capable lines that have the ass to roll over decent length of sink material. My 5wt Ambush will turn over 8' - 10' tip with ease [10gr per foot material] for Streamers & sunk fly methods.

    I use it often with big bushy dries and it excells within realistic range. Plus the option of simply looping on a tip instead of changing entire spool when moving to sunk flies.

    I've never tried any distance / Beach casting but again it will excell within it's range.. which is plenty for fishing surface bugs shallow.

    One of the most important things [to me] is that the Ambush is an integrated line head. Huge when fishing a strip style presentation.

    Best of luck.. B

  6. Thanks for all the inputs guys! I'll let you know how it goes.
  7. Forgot to ask, what wt of the Ambush are you guys using? The 7wt or the 8wt?

    Andrew, when you say the 360 gr, is that the "8wt?"

    I think I'll start with a short headed floater line (either the Ambush, Rio OB Short, or the 40+), and then add a Rage or Scandi if I don't like how it fishes on running water.
  8. This is where it gets subjective.. Every caster has a specific 'feel' they are looking for.. which can vary with fish species & methods.

    Spey casting or overhead, one hand or two? Best to trial a few different lines before purchase, if thats not possible ask around for others with same rod and which line combo/s they like for similar types of fishing [and casting] you'll be doing.

    I like my rods lined on the light side and use a little quicker casting stroke [spey] no 'soaking' of the tip, touch and go fwd firing, no dawdling. This way I'm still able to overhead cast quite comfortably with no gross overloading of the rod.

    A listing of Ambush lines provided by The Red Shed Fly Shop:

    AVAILABLE IN SIZES 4 THROUGH 13-$67.95Here are the grain weights @20 ft

  9. My apologies! What I wrote regarding the 360 grain head was incorrect. I use the 350 grain shooting head, which is labeled as TT-9-F. I hope this clears up any confusion.


  10. I have the SR 6 and love my Ambush line on it. Don't believe an all in one line exists, but that line is about as close as I can find.
  11. get a scandit line from steve godshall, it is the leatherman of spey lines. he custom builds lines for about the same price as mass produced ones. if you'll use it for trouting, id consider getting the integrated running line, cause you'll want to strip the whole head in most of the time. his lines are explained with pics on the r b meiser website.

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