FS LIQUIDATING more flyreels from my collection, Hardys, Charltons, Orvis, Zwarg, Vom Hofe

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by simpleinterest, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi Brady
    Yes, I do have one NIB Zenith spool.
    If interested, please us PM to discuss.
  2. Hi~
    Interested in the Mt. Rainiers' what models do you have, any pics?
    dave from Northumberland ,pa.
  3. Dave, Have two Mt rainiers. Have pictures of both fly reels.
    1. Mt Rainier Magnum I RHW asking $600
    2. Mt Rainier Concept RHW asking $600
    both reel are blue water fly reels , manufactured by Monte S at mrfw.
    If interested please PM me.
  4. Hi,

    I am interested in few reels from your collection, mainly Charltons and Makos. Please let me know which models do you still have available?
    I have also sent you a PM.


  5. Hi Mai
    Have a mint Charlton 8550C with Tarpon spool on it in RHW. PM if interested.
  6. I'm looking for a Hardy "Ocean Prince".
    Let me know if you have one available.
  7. I have a Hardy Ocean Prince 3 3/4 complete with dry line and backing. It is RHW.
    As you probably already know, this is high quality anti reverse fly reel with capacity of WF10F and 200 yards of 27# dacron backing per Hardy.
    Originally retailed at $480. My other two OP's sold for over $330 each without backing and fly line. Asking $380 plus $30 for insurance and postage within US.
  8. I'd be interested if you have any extra spools for a Hardy Princess.
  9. Hi John
    Have 3 Hardy Princess Multis plus one spare Princess multi spool.
    John, multi is short for multiplier fly reel.
  10. Interested in Hardy St George if you have any. Looking for the smaller version similar to the 3 3/4, I think it was a 3 1/4, saw one once, not a St George Jr.
    email is best way to reach me:
  11. Any Flyweights or featherweights in your collection? Thanks.
  12. God lord, could you please take the time to just post a list of all the items you have for sale, including prices and condition?
  13. You must be the godfather of all NW fly fishermen.

  14. :confused:

    What he said.
  15. X 3
  16. Lugan
    I still have over 80 fly reels to sell. Most will be sold on ebay, but I will will respond to PM inquiries.
    I have Orvis HSR 78, 89 (multipliers) Hardy Marquis multipliers 4, 6, 7, 89, Hardy St George, St George Multiplier, Ocean Prince Zenith, Zenith Multiplier, Princess multiplier 3 each, super silex multiplier, Orvis DXR 78, 78 anti reseverse RHW, 910, tarpon, Orvis LordII, Orvis SSS 11/12, Sage 509, 508, Mt Rainier Magnum & Concept, FinNor 3AR, 3, Old Florida 5, ED Vom Hofe 504, Zwarg 400 2/0, Zwarg 300 4/0, Charlton RHW 8550C Tarpon, etc.
  17. Only have a 3 3/4 stsgeorge and a 3 3/8 st george multiplier
  18. Sorry, no hardy flyweights, sold my featherweight and 2 spare spools.
  19. Brass foot marquis salmon #1?
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