FS LIQUIDATING more flyreels from my collection, Hardys, Charltons, Orvis, Zwarg, Vom Hofe

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by simpleinterest, Nov 13, 2012.

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  2. Dude, I have been think that same thing for months. Thank you for saying that.
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  4. No reply to my PM - are you still selling? Thanks
  5. Hi folks,
    All Hardy Marquis Salmons have been sold!!!
  6. Hi Britski67
    Answered your PM,
    Yes still have about 20 Hardys, 2 Zwargs, a 8550C Charlton Tarpon that I have multiple PM's on and I will list separately to be fair to all within 10 days.
    Sold a Hardy Zentih Multiplier yesterday (1.28.13) to greg holt of Camano island. He will use on his switch rods for steelhead.
    If you are interested in Hardys or any other of my fly reels, Please PM or call me at 360 840 6012.
  7. I am not a retailer, I am selling from my classic fly reel collection and answer individual PM's or phone calls (phone # readily available on my posts on WFF) and will send pictures and give asking prices ONLY to serious buyers/inquires.
    I sold another fly reel to Greg Holt (a WFFer) yesterday, a Hardy Zenith Multiplier for his switch rod. He also bought a Hardy Salmon 1 from me over a year ago. My reels are collectibles and probably in better shape than elsewhere. My selling post is "a post to sell a collectors fly reels" not a retail shop. I am not trying to add to my number of posts or conduct a general conversation about my fly reels and I do not spend my day glued to the WFF website. I sell most of my reels on ebay by auction. I offer my "classic" steelhead fly reels on WFF on an "ask price" basis to serious fly fishers. In my opinion, the purpose of the WFF classified board is not to be an auction, retail store, but to allow direct interaction between fly fishers who want to change/sell/buy or upgrade their hardware with the seller posting an ask price.
    Please understand that I do not have or set a price on a fly reel until I receive an inquiry about it, because it is a collectors reel up until that point.
  8. responded to PM.

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