Lithium Battery for pontoon boat

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Coy, May 8, 2013.

  1. I posted this under watercraft also but does anyone have any knowledge about using the new lithium batteries on their pontoon boats? The cost is over the rainbow but the reduced weight, longer run time longer life and shorter recharge time is significant!
  2. I looked at them but at $700 a pop don't think so
  3. After checking with MINN KOTA motors, they do NOT recommend using Lithium batteries with their motors. Because of the high discharge it might damage the electronics AND you have to have a special battery charger to charge Lithium.
  4. Try a wheelchair battery
  5. You should check with Boeing, they might have some on the dollar shelf...
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  6. As soon as I finished reading the post I knew this wouldn't be to far off. :D
  7. This might be a good idea. A guy I know who was running a boat rental gig several years ago found a place where he could purchase good used wheelchair batteries on the cheap. That's right, used ones. He told me that most wheelchairs have a backup battery that doesn't get used and cycled as much as the primary one, but that quite often, both get replaced at the same time.

    So if one of the used batteries still has some life left in it when it gets traded in, it can then be re-sold at a discount. He wouldn't tell me his source, though. He just grinned when I asked.

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