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  1. Hit the little D for the first time this year today. My parents live about 30 minutes away so my dad and I headed down this morning. The water was running a little high but the wading want difficult, and it created some really nice pools.

    First catch of the day was my own chin, as I yanked a stuck fly out of some brush. Of course, I forgot to crush the barb on that one; thankfully it was small, like 18-20 but it was still painful enough that I didn't forget to crush anymore. My dad help extricate it for me.

    After a slow start to the day, I finally picked up a healthy 9" cutt behind a log. After that I didn't get any more hits, but moved upstream to a nice pool that emptied out around a big tuft right in the middle of the stream. Caught 3 more 7-8 inchers in there, all on the same dry.

    No real notable insect activity. A few small mayflies and midges but not much else.

    A few missed takes otherwise, including the one that came about 8 inches out of the water after my fly.

    My dad caught one 9", and we headed home around 12.30
  2. Very nice fish. That first one is a real sweetheart. What is the little D?
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  3. The Deschutes river, it's a small runoff fed stream that empties into Budd Inlet, and runs through Tumwater, Rainier, Vail, etc. Decent fishing for wild cutts, about the size shown. Year round C&R for trout.
    It's sometimes referred to as the little Deschutes or Little D to distinguish from the Deschutes in OR.
  4. I was looking at one of my many maps of Washington, and in the process of following the river up stream, you come to a falls on that river and above the falls the river is actually called the Little Deschutes.
  5. Hi Jim-

    Yup, that would be Deschutes Falls. I believe there is a park there now, and that the land upstream of the falls is privately owned by (unnamed) timber company, and is gated.
  6. The park area is now owned by the county and is no longer open to the public. Truly a shame that people can no longer visit that area, as it's beautiful. The Little "D" is what I call the entire river when speaking to other fly fishers, in order to differentiate from the Deschutes in Oregon.

    Little Deschutes Falls
  7. It will be more crowded the next time you visit...small water is often over pressured when discussed so openly.
  8. The little Deschutes is about as top secret as the SF Snoqualmie. Only there are more dogs playing fetch, kids swimming and throwing rocks, and other people walking right through the pool you are fishing.
  9. Access to this river is very limited, unless you know somebody who has property on the river. The places where you can access are normally overrun by people and their dogs and/or just don't provide worthwhile fishing. I went there the other day and their were a couple dozen people and their dogs swimming and frolicking around the best places to fish. Walking up river I asked some of these folks if I could run a fly thru the best spot on that stretch and one guy said sure. He told me he had a snorkel mask and looked in the water earlier and said he saw what looked like 12 or 13 inch fish. Yep, there's normally one about that size in that spot, but I think the kids and the dogs put the fish down.
  10. Ed's right (and he was trying to be nice, while telling you it's a bad idea to post small water on the internet). Take a look at how many people are members of this forum. Nice work.
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  11. I am going to add to this thread.
    Seems people do not want anybody to talk about the river by openly posting not to talk about the river.:oops: I now feel the need to post daily on this river to keep it on the front page. That way everyone will know not to post about this rivers great fishery etc etc. NOW keep this thread on the down low and zipperlip, like some have requested thru open posts. problem solved. :)
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  12. i read about this river the other day while sitting on the toilet
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  13. Now I understand the Turds part of your avatar!
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  14. It does not help that the upper stretches of the Little D are now not accessible without a permit (see As of this year, access onto Weyerhaeuser property in the Vail Tree Farm between August 1 and December 31 requires a $200 permit (and they are all sold out). The main impetus is hunting control (the cynic would say $$$$$$), but it appears that walk-in access to the river would be prohibited without a permit as well.

  15. wow, I never had any idea that anyone considered this a "secret" fishery.

    It runs right through a residential area with houses.

    I rented pontoon boats from a former Olympia fly shop 15 yrs ago and float fished my way though tons of private property. Nice float, tiny fish. Never spent the money to rent the watercraft again. The river is way too small for drift boat, had to hand carry the small, rented pontoon boats at the put in and take out recommended by the fly shop. Was hoping for sea run cutties, but never hooked up.
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  16. I have to say, that the Little D is not much of a secret. It has actually been written up in a couple online places. On by one of our very own members REE. I like the river but it is small water and the access is very limited.
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  17. Little D is very well known around here as is most rivers in the state.
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  18. Geez... all this time I thought you were talking about The Little Deschutes in Oregon... perhaps if exposing a river to over crowding by posting the name on the Forum, it is a good thing if there is confusion as to which danged river you are talking about :)
  19. The "little" "D" is in Washington and the other "D" is in Oregon. I thought that we all knew that. I guess that you must be in the dark.
  20. Guess so. :p

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