Little Fort, BC fishing report

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kaari White, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. Kaari White

    Kaari White Active Member

    Although this is not a report in Washington, I thought I'd report and brag a little about my trip up to Little Fort, BC last week. Little Fort is 100k above Kamloops at the junction of highways 24 and highway 5. 11 of us stayed at Aurora Lakes resort and a great time. In all, I fished 5 lakes of the 15 the resort has boats on. All were a 5-30 minute hike, and many times we had to ferry across to get to the next lake. Heidi lake provided fast action of 11" trout when fished with full sinking line and a Crystal Idaho Nymph, Hares ear, bright(lime) green scud, or Little fort leech. Heather had fish up to 14" and much slower action on buggers and idaho nymphs. On the last day at precisely noon I landed the largest fish of the trip- 19" and 2.2lbs- on Richard lake. It was my only fish of the day and caught when my little fort leech sunk to the bottom and I was barely moving (was eating lunch at the time, of course).
    That fish earned me the fisherman of the year trophy which is handed out every year. easily 3 feet tall, every recepient has added something to it- a cigar butt hangs from the center, schmidts beer can sits on the bottom with a bass trophy thing glued to the top..... For my acceptance speech I said it took a real woman to catch a real fish.....they almost fell out of their chairs.
    My only complaint is that the loons from time to time would decide to take swipes at our lines. And a couple guys had a run in with a bear- but it's all part of the ambiance!
    Anyway, it was good times had by all!
    PS- Dodge Durangos are not marmit proof.
  2. Rob Blomquist

    Rob Blomquist Formerly Tight Loops

    My favorite freshwater fishing area.

    I was up that way last year, and had a great time. We stayed at the Peaceful Cove Resort on Lac des Roches and we had a great time with being frustrated with the tough week of the travelling sedge hatch, having terns take swipes at our sedge imitations, and checking out all the loons.

    Great to hear you had a great time, and congrats on the fish and trophy! Now, lets just keep what a nice area it is to ourselves.

    Oh and the Peaceful Cove Resort is run by a fly fisher, and is an ardent "limit your keep, don't keep your limit" guy to all his guests. Its a great place.

  3. Roper

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    Durangos and marmots

    Now there's a scarry immage. How did the little varmits violate your vehicle, or is it too personal to share?

    BC has some very interesting lakes to fish, I flew into Spruce Lake in the Chilcotin last year with my wife. Four fun-filled days of chasing fiesty Kamloops trout. I may head up to their Okanogan area in the fall.
  4. alpinetrout

    alpinetrout Banned or Parked

    When you're in the Little Fort area, don't forget to stop by Little Fort Fly & Tackle. It's right at the junction of the two highways. Steve Jennings will hook you up with everything you need. I used to frequent that shop a lot when I lived in Canada and it was always a pleasurable experience.
  5. Kaari White

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    Durangos and marmots

    The marmit decided that under the hood of the Durango would make a fine place to set up residence. We heard clicking when we got back to the truck and openned the hood.....and there was the little monster clicking his teeth at us! After some prodding with a stick....and then prodding some more with a bigger stick, the ferrety creature ambled out of his hiding place....
    Upon further inspection back at camp, we found the marmit had chewed through one of the spark plug wires!!! Using a paper clip and electrical tape the damage was fixed and it got us back the 430 miles.
    Dodge should really work on making their SUV's more marmit resistant!
  6. Kaari White

    Kaari White Active Member

    He does have a nice fly shop. I bought my little fort leeches from him which caught by far the most fish for me and probably for anyone else in camp. He was ringing that register just as fast as he could, lol!
    He sells a really good map of the lakes in the region that I highly recomend.

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