Local Bamboo gathering?

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  1. David I think you have a major bamboo event gaining momentum from what I'm seeing, this should be fun! thanks for getting it off the ground!

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  2. Would it be wrong if I showed up with a fistful of glass rods instead of cane?
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  3. Sounds fine to me Tom, sure.
  4. I should be able to make it on the 26th.

    David, thanks for offering to host.

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  5. I will make it to. I have one of trout creeks rods.
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  6. I will try to make it, although I tend to work a lot of weekends at the shop... I've got a couple of rods, one I refinished and would love to see if anyone know what it is and a Headwaters 4/5 I bought about 5 years ago. I'll have to see if I can bring an Orvis Penn's Creek 7' 4wt that we have in the shop too! I was out casting it with a customer yesterday and love the action on that rod!
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  7. David, I haven't fished a bamboo rod in over three decades, but have been tempted and a little scared to try - afraid I'll be hooked! I'll plan on the 26th.

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  8. I've never so much as picked up a cane rod, but I'd love to come and learn something new! I'll bring food as my price of admission!
  9. Gary, a word of caution. The park is probably very flat and safe, but the event is a very slippery slope, indeed.

    Looking forward to having you join us! Ron
  10. is this a sure date, April 26? my buddy an I will come up if nothing gets in our way. I have only used glass an have been wanting to cast a cain for a long time.
  11. I think the 26th is safe. I need to need to gauge a family commitment in the next couple weeks to be sure. I'd "put my foot down" but that has limited success in our house.:rolleyes:
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  12. I am going to be there but I think my brother will be able to make it too.
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  13. I'll aim to give it a shot, but frankly my rod is the Ford Pinto of 'Boo
  14. So its been flamed then. All the more interesting.
  15. I'm in I'll bring my rods I have
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  16. I'll double date with Mike and bring an armload of rods.

  17. I'll be there!!
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  18. I have another deal to attend in the morning, but should be there in the afternoon of the 26th.

    My recent rods are 8'9" or 9', hollow-built, and the ferrules are either bamboo, graphite, or (my favorite) splice joints that are taped together. Not the "classic look" most folks like, but they work well for the fishing I do in lakes and saltwater beaches.

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  19. It sounds like there will be quite a collection of bamboo rods to sample at this event. I think the more different tapers, lengths, styles of ferrules and some hollow built rods thrown in will be a real broad sampling for those who are not real familiar with all of the choices available when you step to the dark side.........................................

  20. Getting closer, can't wait to see the rods and meet the people!
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