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  1. We recently moved to eastern Arizona, and my explorations of the local rivers and lakes has been minimal so far. There are 40 lakes and 200 miles of rivers and streams to fish. Some are mixed species, but there are a lot of Rainbow, Brown, Apache and Gila trout too. There is active local fly club with over 100 members and they have monthly outings both local and some to the San Juan and Lees Ferry amongst others.
    What we don't have is a fly shop that sells fly tying materials. I have always had 2-3 places to go and buy materials in the past. The fly shop here has some flies, a good selection of rods and accessories but NO tying supplies.
    I have just been on line looking and choosing some materials to be sent to me but it is just not the same as buying in person. I can travel the 3 hours to Phoenix, Scottsdale or Mesa, there are shops in those places, but that is an all day event. And if I do that my lovely will go along, of course, and it will cost me several hundred dollars because there will be stops at the fabric stores and quilt shops plus lunch out etc, etc.
    I will just order on line and hope what I am getting is good quality and the right colors.
    If I ever have a complete local fly shop again I wont be taking it for granted.
  2. I buy a lot of my tying material during the season and while traveling to MT, and ID. There are several shops in MT in particular that have a huge selection. I take a list with me and fill it. Sure, there's the occasional pattern that I want to try and don't have this or that specific material, but pretty rare. Just need to revise your buying habits to match your new living conditions.
  3. It's always a roll of the dice when you buy fly tying materials online. I will resort to online purchases if the local shop doesn't carry what I'm looking for. Over the years I've found specific sources for specific items. For example, I use A LOT of blood quill marabou for my patterns. I've found the best marabou at Barlow's Tackle Shop (and they are not really a flyfishing specific site).

    If you must buy online there is one source that I would recommend for just about anything you need. That's Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone. They carry quality materials and many items you can't find anywhere else. I've never purchased fly tying material from Blue Ribbon yet that I regretted.

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  4. I've been happy ever since big-r opened in Omak. I rarely make into Spokane, but have to go to Omak frequently for work related stuff. I can pick up my materials for work and swing in to get tying materials real quick, too. That's exactly what I did yesterday. The only downside of the new local flyshop is more flyfishermen are showing up in the spots I go, but that's expected.
  5. Call your old fly shops and tell them what you want. They should be happy to mail you your order.
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  6. I moved from the Olympic Peninsula to south Jersey a few years ago, talk about withdraws. I would make it a point to seek out fly shops on different travels while I was stationed over there. Now we're back in Oregon and it's all good!
  7. He IS the old fly shop. I miss the hell out of it, btw.
  8. I know a great guy down there, that might be able to help you. He has GREAT customer service, and has experience in running a fly shop. All he needs is a little encouragement... ;)
  9. Lol, I was gonna say same thing.
  10. Are you going to the little shop right in between Show Low and Pinetop? I've driven by there countless times but never had an opportunity to stop by, I'm surprised that they don't carry tying stuff...

    Good luck, it really is a pretty area up there. I never got much time to explore beyond numerous trips to the Paleo site with my family so that our kids could hunt for fossils (about 10 miles East of Payson.)

  11. The fishing opportunities really are numerous. It is mostly stillwater but enough moving water for me.
    Dan is there a shop in the valley that has a good tying selection? I haven't been able to do any exploring. The gal who is the manager of the fly fishing department at Bass Pro in Mesa spoke at the last fly club meeting here and I was impressed. she is the "real deal" for sure.
  12. The only shop I know of is the Desert Sportsman in Scottsdale. Kind of a high end, hybrid wing-shooting and fly shop. I think they had a decent selection, though likely you may find nearly as much at the Bass Pro. I think I know the gal you're speaking of, fairly young girl? I think I've seen her cast, she certainly seems to know what she's doing.

    Good luck, hope you find some good fishing.

  13. I couldn't agree more, Nail it daddyo.
  14. Casting whiz.. State champion;)
  15. i second the brf shop in w. yellowstone. last year i wanted to tie a specific pattern and they sent me the stuff to tie 25 flies of one kind. cool. besides my buddy doug pope guids there. by the way he is an awesome guide. a great shop to visit. and they have a goodinternet newsletter. mike w

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