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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ak_powder_monkey, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Jason Decker

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    if i was you, having fished in juneau recently, screw the salmon altogether!
    get some trout beads, some shot, ditch your indicator and high stick
    the riffles and tailouts behind the salmon...........whammo!
    nice big fat dollies! go find Jake Haas and tag along with him!
  2. Jerry Daschofsky

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    I do most of my fishing just up from the mouths of rivers or just in the salt (Grays Harbor mostly). I've had the most luck with flashy flies with a similar retrieve to Smalma. In fact, Les was going to use a few of my staging flies in his book. I tie up some heavily revised muddlers (in pink and green) with flashabou for a wing and a trapezoid type head (think that's the shape). I want smaller size (well, I'm running size 2's usually, but a size 2 is MUCH smaller then the wiggle warts I'd be retrieving if I was using gear). I want the action and the flash, but don't need the monster flies (well, for me monster is running up into my OP steelhead sizes of 2/0). I use the same retrieve I do when I cast plugs for silvers. 3 fast retrieves and a pause. I do that until I have the lure (fly or plug) up to the boat. Funniest thing for those who think the fish are being lined this way, I get a FEROCIOUS hit on the pause just before I begin the next retrieve. Have watched numerous silvers (and actually quite a few kings) follow both flies and plugs almost to the boat and have seen them crush them almost in netting range. Usually though, if the fishing is dead it's dead. You'll just be praying for a fresh heavy hitter from the salt to be spooled up with the ones who have been staging for awhile.

    For me I want the movement. I want the uber aggressive silvers to come after me. I'd post some pics of the ones I've caught out on the Chehalis near Cosie, but most guys don't want to see dead fish, even if they were caught on flygear. LOL.
  3. BThielicke

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    The small gold bead head fly was sold for years down at the Morning Hatch in Tacoma as "Bead Head No-Name". Tied both with and without a bead, it has caught not only the lock jaw silvers but also SRC. The other pattern they recommended was a "waiting period shrimp" pattern tied like the old Thor steelhead fly except the wing was at least twice as long, hackle was brown, body was a true orange sparkle yarn.
  4. Les Johnson

    Les Johnson Les Johnson

    On a recent BC coho trip we had considerable success with the Art Limber Wizzard (yes he wants it with two z's). It is tied on a Tiemco 9394 in sized 6-10. Yu can see it in Art Lingren's book, "Contemporary Flies of British Columbia" which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to expand his/her inventory of excellent books of flies. We caught mature northern coho on the size 10 Wizzard.
    Les Johnson
  5. Les Johnson

    Les Johnson Les Johnson

    Jerry's flies....

    A couple of flies that Jerry sent me are included in the new salmon book (think January as of latest information from Amato). I believe that one is a sinking Muddler. The other I'd have to look up; maybe a prawn pattern. Those are the only two that I recall receiving.
  6. Jerry Daschofsky

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    Those are the ones Les actually. The sinking muddler (aka Coho Muddler) was designed by me especially for coho's just coming in from the salt (fishing tidal flux areas). Wanted one that would sink, didn't want it to be fished dry. One of my favorites when I'm fishing flies for coho. The other is a sandshrimp. But that's one I tie up for fishing kings on the fly in similar areas.
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    Just picked this book up last weekend. Lot's of great patterns with receipes!!
  8. jonrue

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    I've heard from ADFG (alaska dept. of Fish and game) that coho mortality rates when caught and released during their acclimitization period are very high, no matter how carefully you handle them. That said, if you're keeping them it doesn't matter :).

    Also, this may sound counter-intuitive, but try pink pollywogs. A friend had this same problem recently in SE AK and eventually found that the only thing the cohos would take was a pink popper off the surface. What the hell, it can't hurt anything, and what's better than the possibility of catching a coho on the surface?
  9. ak_powder_monkey

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    Thats only fun for about the first thousand fish, plus they are so small you can't make a meal out of em...
  10. 100daysayear

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    Just returned from 9 days in SE chasing silvers. Was an awesome trip. I'll post pics in the trips section when I get all my gear dried out. Anyway, pink pollywogs, pink heavily weighted leeches, and small comets were the answer. Not as many fish as I hoped for, but if I'd caught tons I wouldn't be nearly as determined to go back next year!