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  1. Ya I guess I get a little bitter seeing all these cute videos and memes all over the internet and people bickering about D vs. R. Meanwhile, I sit at home. I'm not sure who has it worse, me or my wife. She has to get up at 3:30 every morning to head in to work not knowing when she'll be compensated. She has to work doubly hard to make up for everyone who got furloughed- The needs of the nuclear vessels our jobs support do NOT go away because some people in Washington want to measure their dicks. Please, come tell the people in Kitsap county all about why this problem exists. I'm sure it will make many people sleep better at night.

    I'm just very frustrated. I've worked non stop since I was 15. To not be getting up every morning helping to support my family is a worse feeling than I could ever describe. To watch my wife get up and go to work while I sit here like a barnacle is torture. There are fish to be caught just down the street from me, but I can't seem to drag my ass down there.

    To be completely honest, I'm not even 100% up on the reasons that have put us where we are. Bottom line is I just can't muster up the energy to research it a whole lot. I've tried, but I just don't care. All I see here is 2 monkeys and a football. Unfortunately, in this case, I'm the football.

    Nick's fly shop is pretty much open for business at this point. Everything must go. I won't be undersold.
  2. Nick, hang in there man, we're all pullin for ya. Everybody needs to call their reps and tell them to pass a continuing resolution with no strings attached and end this bullshit now.

  3. A curious thing about Congress: They have something like 10-15% approval ratings as a whole, and I doubt it's been above 50% in decades. Yet every election voters send 80-90% of incumbents back to Congress. I guess to "throw the bums out" we should add "except my guy, who is okay".

    I doubt 2014 will be different. I think the main reason we'll send most of them back for another term is because somewhere deep down inside we realize the individuals there might not be the problem -- instead it's the system of lobbyist-driven legislation ruled by special interests that our representatives need to court in order to get re-elected.

    In other words, the people might or might not be bad, but the system is rotten and undemocratic. But we can't throw the system out, so we're stuck as voters with what we've got until it gets bad enough that we revolt and demand a constitutional amendment that gets money out of elections and compels our elected representatives to act in the best interests of the nation rather than their election funders.
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  4. Here is a fact. There are fewer than 550 people between the house and congress. These are the people that set policy and make the laws of our nation. Sit down today, and find out which congressmen are yours and send them a note stating that you know who they are, when they are up for re-election and that you will not be voting for them under any circumstances. Inform them they have failed at their job and you are firing them.

    There are hundreds of millions of people in this country. Finding 550 replacements will be easy. In fact we could probably find that many right here on this forum. :)

    The only reason that works is because 'we the people' allow it to.
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  5. Seems like the offer on the table is more than reasonable. Simply extend the 1 year deferment, given to select size companies, to all Americans and require that all elected officials get the same exact health care package options, and we move forward.

    Sorry about your situation Nick and hope things get resolved soon. If Boeing ran their budgets like the state and federal government does, I may be in your situation...nothing is a sure thing if poor decisions are made.
  6. WW, I don't think that will work because we'd just be sending new people into the same rotten system. The system needs to change, and specifically I mean getting big money out of elections.
  7. I think there are many folks who would be great as elected leaders. Particularly those who have not made politics their life but who have actually worked within the free market system. Benjamin Carson is very intriguing to me but, I am afraid, he and others like him are too smart to get in the mud and wrestle with hogs... hogs have a great time and you just get muddy. It seems more and more like our pool from which we are getting our elected officials are amongst those who have the least impressive and increasingly sleazy record (i.e. Mr. Wiener).
  8. So basically you are OK with telling the majority of Americans to piss off, we won't support the peoples will? It's this exact hard line stance that has resulted in the situation at hand.
  9. Freestone, every poll I have seen wants them to do exactly what Chris wrote.
  10. Not following...
  11. The AHCA is still not supported by the majority of Americans...across all political parties. Were it put to a vote today, it would fail. That said, it is current law because a then one party rule of everything decided that was what they wanted ("we need to approve the bill so we can see what's in it" :rolleyes:). Since Obama has seen fit to offer a 1 year extension to companies, the House is asking the same extension be given to everyone. To say "no compromise" is essentially ignoring or giving any consideration to the majority of Americans.
  12. So you did in fact follow, but choose to ignore fact... got it.
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  13. This is a really perceptive comment. Nearly all the biographical anecdotes I've read about the careers of Senators and Reps end up with this as a lesson: "Play the game or get voted out". It has just gotten much worse in recent years. Someone suggested getting rid of the PACS. PACs (and computerized gerrymandering) have intensified the worst tendencies of the system. "Vote the bozos out!" and their replacements will find themselves backed into the same corner in a few years. Unfortunately, unlike what the media portrays, it's no longer a symmetric argument and the stakes are higher. Monied interests (not just money) end up ruling the day.
  14. You keep firing people and it will have an always does. Been there, done that
    But it ain't gonna happen to congress 'cause this country doesn't have the stomach for a good fight anymore.
  15. The president has compromised on many things, he said he would not compromise on this law, so the other side tried to force his hand by closing down the government, hurting millions in the process. He is true to his word and won't compromise, and that makes it HIS fault? That's some strange logic.
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  16. Feel confident enough to put the law to a vote of the people? If your so indignant about Obama being true to his word "not willing to compromise", why has he already done so on several occasions as to how it is applied? Are you suggesting that revising the law is OK so long as it's done unilaterally and his way? A very reasonable compromise is on the table.
  17. doe's not matter if there is a D or and R. after the politicians name they are both the same.
    the angle down slope is coming. one group at 80 Mph, the other at 75 Mph but it is still coming.
    prepare while you can.
  18. The issue is bigger than the ACA. Ask yourself if a small group of representatives should be able to hold the country hostage to get legislation they can't or won't propose and pass through the normal legislative process? If so, where does it end. Maybe the left- wingers can use this method to get gun control measures passed (just an example, nobody get their panty's in a wad).

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