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  1. Not really testy. When I see snide remarks, though, I see cowardice, and then I feel obligated to demonstrate the superiority of overt contempt versus underhanded language.
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  2. My more testy comments usually come when I'm trying to post from my phone while sitting on the toilet.
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  3. It shocks me to see the absence of historical perspective when conservatives complain about Democratic politics. On almost any policy issue where a historical record can be tracked back 50 years, the current administrations stance would be considered middle-of-the-road Republicanism in the 60s or 70s. It is probably just ignorance of the past, but it surely gives credence to those who say it is racism, since the rhetoric seems to have been elevated since Obama took office.

    The ACA just happens to be the focus the right has settled upon. As Paul Krugman (2008 Nobel Prize in Economics) said in his column this week: "Republicans aren't worried that Obamacare will fail, they are worried that it will succeed," a far worse outcome in their minds.

    I personally don't understand where (or why) our society went off the track of pursuing social equity and justice for all, and onto the "I got mine" track. Everyone seems to have their view of what's wrong with America; this is how I see it.

  4. Lots of truth here. My biggest issue with Obama is that he is governing pretty damn close to the way Bush did. Yet, those on the "other side" oppose everything he supports.

    The ACA, or any other government health care program succeeding would be disastrous for the Republican party. They know this, and they want to stop it from even being attempted. Having it fail would only give them the "we told you so" credibility.
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  5. Come on man... leave the visuals out! :D
  6. I consider myself right of center - But to Say that Obama Care is middle of the road policy and then quote Paul Krugman is pretty funny to me Richard.
    Obama Care did not get one R vote, not even the most enlighten Republicans thought this bill was good for the country. Nancy, Harry and our President used their control of Congress and the Executive branch to push this into law. I often wonder how a scholar like Paul Krugman would react if a Republican Congress and President pushed some kind of social change with out one D vote. I think many Americans right and left of center are very concerned about more entitlements, more debt and more government control over the people - seeing that SS and Medicare are in such rough shape has to be cause of concern.

    Its funny if Obama Care fails - no government official is going to say well it failed, we republicans told you so - so lets just dismantle this law. Now here is the scary part ...................ready, they will try and fix it with more laws, that won't work. So they will try and fix it with more laws, then a few more and more after that. Then in about 20 years our health care laws will look like our tax laws. Sounds like fun.
  7. CAPOR8AD.jpg

    Opps, sorry I misread. It said testy rather then tasty.
  8. We could always, y'know, do a hard reset on the whole 'government' system... I'm for it if we miss the debt ceiling deadline.
  9. I'm more in favor of the "Cascadia" idea myself.
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  11. The ACA passed the senate, passed through congress, the supreme court and executive branches. It's a done deal, and the current congress would have the votes (including those of enough Republicans) to pass a clean budget bill and move on to the next issue. The teapublican minority, including Boehner, is preventing that vote from happening. This is extortion, and hostage tactics being forced by a minority who has lost and has no other way out. I can't believe what they're doing is even legal.
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  12. If you read my post correctly, you would note that I said it was middle of the road for 1960s/1970s. Today, Congress, and, possibly, public opinion has shifted far to the right, although the unholy impact of big money on politics and public opinion skews that perception, methinks.

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  13. I can't believe that they're getting paid to do it. I am 95% sure that if Congress didn't get paid during a shutdown that the gubmint would never shut down. Their salaries should be the first to get nixed.
  14. First David Loy you are believing a myth if you think Canadians don't like their health care. My daughter had two children in Alberta when she was married to a Canadian citizen. She had great health care. She and the kiddos were completely insured for 68 bucks a month in Alberta.
  15. Hearing the quotes from a few of the reps who voted for the shut down regarding their paychecks is sickening...

    "I need my paycheck. That's the bottom line," Rep. Renee Ellmers (NC)

    "you know what? I’ve got a nice house and a kid in college, and I’ll tell you we cannot handle it. Giving our paycheck away when you still worked and earned it? That’s just not going to fly.” North Dakota’s Kevin Cramer
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  16. I pooped a little when I read that. Do these guys not realize what they're saying? Are they in f**king bizzaro world where the games they're playing don't actually affect people? I'm sure you've already seen the video of Rep. Neugebauer berating the park ranger; this shit just boggles the mind.
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  17. Yes! What this thread needed was wolves included in the discussion.
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    My friend from Alberta had his hip done in Seattle

    His wife came down for a kidney op because of long wait

    My primary physician left Canada because she said she disliked beaurocracy that associated with care.

    We have many issues with our system but treatment for serious diseases , Ortho work etc the US still ranks very high
  19. There's always anecdotal situations on the contrary. I have plenty of Canadian friends and spend a lot of time with them. I have one friend in BC who had to have reconstructive surgery on his sinuses, the same one I need. I've needed it for years, and still haven't found a way to have it done even with my insurance. He had his done within a month and has been fine ever since.
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  20. The shutdown is no longer about health care. It is all about ego, now.
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