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  1. Jeff Dodd met troutpocket and I out on the lake around 8:30 AM. He trolled across the lake and LDR a few on his way over to the launch. Pocket and I started fishing deep right off the launch with no love, in fact we found no love except for one quick take down and a quick hit on a stripped bugger until a few hours later. I ended up landing one on a full sink line and a bugger in about 8' of water and then another three under an indicator with white bunny leech in 10 feet of water. Troutpocket managed 2, one on an imdi with the same bunny leech and late in the day and another on Jeff's Green Meanie bugger.

    Jeff on the other hand was the real hero of the day. He must have landed at least 30 on his Green Meanie fly on a full sink stripped sloooooooooow, or he was a hero because he brought troutpocked and I more beer when we ran out. It was one of the two.
  2. Okay Jeff, are you going to give us a peek at the Green Meanie"?
  3. I am envious of open water, and temps in double digits. :D
    30 fish day is great any time of the year.
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  4. at LEAST 30....... Haha

    I did replace the beer I drank in Ira's pram last time. Fun day even if it was slow. Got to hang with Rod and Ira and fish the green Meanie, Ira says there is nothing like it in the water, so who knows why it catches fish.

    A winter fly with great contrast Haha!

  5. You guys fished Tomorrow???? Glad you got into some.
    Hey Jeff, that's looks like one of my favorite bugs. Only difference is I use rabbit fur for the tail. Did you get that pattern from Clarence? When I use to fish with him I called it the "red headed fuzz bug". I use to tease him that it looked like a clump of Power Bait. It's a killer fly.

    Ira, sorry I missed your talk at the fly club. I was told you might be doing one up in Bellingham. If so, I'll try and make it up to that one. Nothing like learning a little dark side magic from Darth Vader himself. I did notice you caught a fish on a sinking line. You must have been desperate.:D
  6. Hey Steve. Yes, same pattern with Rabbit fur tail. I got it from Clarence who must have picked it up from you. I fish it the last 3 winters and the fish like it when nothing else is going on Haha.

    Ira named this yesterday after I tied it on the deep six it did get a lot of attention. Worked slow along the bottom. I also picked up one of my largest Lone lk fish yet. Very healthy fish over 20. Ira was about to take a photo when it kicked out of my hands and back into the water...
  7. That is the great fly you gave me a couple years ago when I left all my flies at home being in a rush to catch the ferry. Its the money fly during the winter on Lone.
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  8. Fishing in the future. Pretty impressive feat!! I went out yesterday too, but only landed two. One gorgeous wild bow, and a nice cutt that was camera shy. Had dozens of follows with many misses, but most of the fish wouldn't commit.
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  9. Thanks for posting a pic of the pattern! they can probably see that thing from 20 feet away. Browns are also known to love "yellow"
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  10. Yeah, so I messed the date up, guess I was hoping that yesterday was today and maybe I could double dip on my fishing.

    Islander, I do revert to the twilight (not quite dark but certainly not light) of things occasionally. Darth did the same you know, poor guy stayed there though.
  11. Jeff were you using that new SA Uniform sink IV I sold you? Surely I must have transfered my ninja skills over to you!
  12. Your Ninja skills, yes, but the type iv was sitting on my desk. Deep 6 on Sunday.
  13. Thomas - not to change the subject but is the new "uniform sink" a good line? someone replied on a post a while back that the older uni-sink was different from the new? any advice between the two? I love the old ones and have no experience with the new lines!

    PM would be fine so not to highjack! thanks.
  14. Mark,
    I have a dc type 6 & now a 4 from Thomas. If you would like to fish this line for a couple months to compare, let me know and I will mail it to you.
  15. Well thanks Jeff! I do have 2 older uni-sink lines for stillwater steelhead and was just wondering if the new uniform sink+ fishes as good as the older model lines? the older lines sink front of taper first and keep a much straighter line to fly from long casts! I am going to buy some for lake rainbows before spring just wondering if they are still good in the new + line. I just plain hate belly sink for missing fish!!!
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  16. Jeff, I use that fly a lot for tight lipped fish. Can't take credit for it though. I got it originally from Clarence and he got from a guy that gave a talk at the Club on Searuns. It started life as a beach fishing searun bug. However it got here, it's a great one. I'll have to give it a go later this week. It's suppose to be clear for a couple days. I'm taking my little plastic boat so I might even stare at a bobber for a bit...........:eek:...but don't tell Ira.
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  17. I can't speak to the old uniform sink but the new one is pretty good. Casts well and sinks quickly without a belly. The only thing didn't like is there was no loop on the end. I just tied a perfection loop on the tip and dabbed it with head cement. Strong and works like a charm.
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  18. Wish I could have joined up with you guys! Work was being a pain. Did well at Pass today, but it certainly wasn't a 30 fish day. Way to go Jeff! First your sofa pillow, now this? I like your style!
  19. Folks, I said it was one of the two not both! So was it 30 plus fish or replenishing beer, you decide.
  20. The internet has spoken... I now have had a day with 30 fish and bought beers for everyone on the lake! Welcome to Whidbey...
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