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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Nick Clayton, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Fished Lone today from about 8 am- 2 pm. A good third of the lake had a sheet of ice on it when I arrived. It was COOOOLLLLDDDD. God I miss my pram. I toughed it out as long as I could, but it was flat out dead. Missed 2 take downs of my indicator, and that was IT for the day. Beautiful day on the water, and I was completely solo all day.
  2. Bummer! Sorry to hear, but you da man to tough it out. It will be an interesting winter fishery if this keeps up.
  3. Fished there last Friday with 3 strikes and only one to hand. Fish were marking on my Humminbird @ or just above the bottom in varying depths. Strikes only occured on small olive buggers trolled deep and slow. When I thought I was going too slow I slowed down some more. Only one other person out on the lake that day and it looked like he had the same type of luck.

  4. Yeah, this is my third trip to Lone in the last 10 days or so, and it has been slllllooooowwwww. Any ideas as to what is putting the fish down? The cold? How does the cold temps affect the fish? Seems like they would still have to eat, but what do I know. Sure was a beautiful day to be on the water... The crystalized, icy fog put a quiet blanket on the day. Super quiet..... and crispy cold. Just wish the fish would have cooperated.
  5. Your experience is pretty similar to what Ira and I found last weekend. The water temp was 38 when we got on the lake and topped out at 40. Fish don't need to eat much at those temps and there aren't many choices available on the menu. I was hoping we might get something going during the warmest part of the day because if bugs were going to move, they might respond to the subtle warming later in the afternoon. That "something" turned out to be pretty minor . . .but we did get 6 fish in the boat, mostly in the last 2 hours of daylight. If I were going to fish it again soon, I'd time my trip to fish from 11am-dark and work the shallows with the most sun exposure. I pumped one fish that was eating scuds and daphnia. Caught him in about 6 feet of water on a very slow troll with Jeff Dodd's meanie greenie pattern.
  6. Any locals with a Lone Lake ice report? Lake open enough to fish? Pass Lake? Debating trying a fish this weekend but not crazy about ice breaking to get a line wet...
  7. There was plenty of open water yesterday. Just a thin sheet floating around that covered a decent chunk of water, but was easily avoided. Wasn't as cold in Everett today, I would feel pretty confident that it would be fine to fish this weekend. Though if it were me, I would probably head to Pass. Lone has not been fishing terribly well the past couple weeks, but Pass has been decent the couple times I've made it up there.
  8. steeli,
    The launch point @ the parking lot, bay #2, and the main section of the lake were frozen over last Tues. Results were pretty much like troutpocket's @ Lone.

    Checked it today but fished elsewhere; it is melting out fast; there is still about 20' of ice @ the parking lot but the Point and part of bay #2 is clear. Use one of the access points along the road.

    Rain is coming mid-next week and lows are going up. Tell us how it goes.
  9. Dark when I got home from work tonight, but it is 38 degrees here on the south end of the lake.
  10. steeli,
    I was of course referring to Pass...
  11. thanks...might try it tomorrow not sure whether to bring the pram with a little ice breaking maybe or u-tube off the roads. Thanks for the updates...a bit of drive for me.

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