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  1. On the lake from 10 to 4. Had a banner day.
    Went over with Breck in his driftboat (very comfortable). He had some gumbo his wife made, WOW was it good. We spent the day trolling and chucking streamers around the shore.
    I new it was going to be a good one when within a few strokes of the launch, I dropped the fly off of the keeper into the water and had a big fish chase it for three feet.
    My Big fish of the day was about 23" with a 21" and many more in the 16" to 20" range. All fat and feisty.
    I was using a fly of my own creation. Attempting to imitate a bait fish I used a size 14-2XL. Body-gray strung rabbit. Two gray Guinea on top, two white ones under. Little flash running down the sides. Silver bead head. Next time I'll tie em up using a stinger hook as quite a few manage to twist out the long shank.
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  2. awesome, thanks for the report, Ive never been to lone but Ill have to try it sometime.

    Do you mind posting a pic, Ive been looking for more rabbit hair streamers lately.
  3. Figures that it would fish like that after last years Thanksgiving bust. Good job, wish I could have made it out there with you so I could have added you and Breck to my list of WFF I fished with this year.
  4. Sounds like a good place to try out some Winter Lake 2 swap flies. Thanks for the report.
  5. Sounds like a great, fun day. Haven't been on a lake in a while, but throwing streamers to the bank with those kind of hookups would be a blast. And gumbo to boot! Awesome
  6. I needed a good day out. Wednesday was my 50th birthday and I made these big plans to go fish the Klick, for a week. Well that didn't work out so well. Then got a offer to go over to the Methow for a day. Car trouble. I was off all week and really needed to fish. My buddy Breck hooked me up good.
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  7. And, a happy 50th to ya. Nice way to celebrate.

  8. Jeff
    Glad the fish cooperated yesterday for your Birthday despite the breezy conditions.
    I fished for 3 hours today with just 2 fish to the boat. Read your report so I trolled a Stacked Blond across the S side and had two hard takes both released themselves. then settled in with my 11 yr old Son with chironomids. 1 fish on a black leach, 1 on a purple bodied/pink headed chironomid :D that fish slammed that "bug" hard. then switched to 1 hour of dry fly fishing with nothing to show for it.
  9. Forgot to mention. It required a very fast retrieve to elicit a bite. Breck was trolling and I was stripping at a good clip. Most of our hookup were on your side of the lake.;)
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  10. Yes, I shhould have stuck with the streamers but my son was with me and we decided to fish indicators :)

    The stacked blonde is bucktail and maribou, in white with silver flash on the sides. I had keel hooks so I am tying them for an experiment. Keel hook the point rides up and the bent shaft gives the stacked blond q tall thin profile. I need to tie some of your streamers up I guess.
  11. No need. Just join in on the "Holiday fly swap" (2 patterns x 5) and you might get mine. Worked so well I am doing some for the swap.
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  12. Glad you got the third round consolation prize! I, too would be bumming if those two trips crapped out on my 50th Bday.
  13. Already going to the swap, looking forward to it.
  14. I liked this report. you touch on so many things with so little writing (something I would like to be better at) long shanks to stinger - comfortable drifter - speed - pattern - location- and "GUMBO" doesn't get any better then that. but pictures would of been nice ;-)~
  15. Breck took a shot of a couple of them. We'll see if he's up to posting them.
  16. 'Twas a great day indeed, despite the grumpy weather. The Mrs' gumbo was as HOT as the fishing and delicious.

    As to the photos: My iPhone shit the bed today, so I had to replace it. Unfortunately, the last time I did a backup was before I took those photos, so they faded away into cyberland, never to be seen again. I can vouch for Jeff's report, however. He hauled in some PIGS. It seemed that a quick strip was the method. I had my rod in the rodholder as we trolled along, but I did manage to bring some nice trouts to the net. Nothing as large as the couple of Bandy's that overfilled the net, but nice fish, regardless. I'd love to get out there again while the bite is still hot.
  17. Me too. Hmmmmm fly swap face to face or fishing.

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