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    I ended up with a later start than I wanted, but I still made it out on the water around 9:00.

    I anchored up at the point and managed a few take unders right away with micro leeches and balance leeches. But I only ended up landing 2 because I suffer from D.R.E.S. (Dual Rod Endorsement Syndrome) where your indicator will only move when you are dealing with the other rod. I suffered from it all day long but still managed to land about 16 or so.

    Mostly the bite went off in spurts and it seemed that each time I would move I would run into a few fish and then it would shut off. I caught fish from 12' to 2' of water, with the algae bloom the fish seemed comfortable moving everywhere around the lake which probably explains why there were really no consistent concentrations of fish.

    Half of the fish seemed to be the April stockers which have already grown thicker and longer by at least a couple of inches, and the other half seemed to be in the 16" to 18" range. I did land one massive beast while trolling to a new location. It is one of the largest fish I've landed in the lake since it went to a special regulation lake. It was all of 22" and possibly longer but I didn't feel like handling it for too long to get an exact measurement.

    One of the highlights of my day came when I motored over to talk to Jeff Dodd as he stood on a dock. I managed a couple of takes but I only landed one. It was great to chat and catch fish at the same time. Another highlight for me came while talking to another forum member Earthquake, aka Ron. It was great to find out that information I gave him about my success with a red balance leech paid off for him. It was also nice watch him catch a fish on a blood worm right after he said that he doesn't do well with them. While I was anchored next to him he managed to hook at least 4 fish. I had as many takes, ok more, but remember DRES.

    All in all a great day on the water
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    nice report as always
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    Thanks for the report, Ira. What's the water temp like?
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    68 mostly at the surface, I didn't measure deeper than that.
  5. Ok here is the story from my veiw on Saturday. Got to the ferry at 5:00am thought I would catch the ferry but nope read it wrong no ferry for an hour. Hit the lake at 6:30. Feeling confident after reading the algae bloom post. Unfortunately my head did not digest it. Until 11:00 I was locked in on my Indy switch a unheard of number of chiro patterns and had one fish to hand. Moved around with the same results. Once I got to near the point there was some guy fishing harder than I have seen anyone fish b4 with the 2 rod endorsement, I assumed. He was get take down after take down to the point that I was watching his indicators more than my own. Did not want to bother him so went back where I had hook a couple b4 my 3 hour dry spell came. Pretty soon here he comes motoring by. At this point I have found one chiro that was bring an occasional fish (black, silver and red butt). Had to ask how he was doing and of course what he had at the end of is line. He graciously told me. Red balance leach! I was so locked in on chiro's! Should have read the algae bloom report more carefully. Cause I switched to a maroon balanced leach and it was game on. Later found out it was Ira that was the "some guy"! Hah small fishing world. Had a great time chatting and catching with you Ira! Your enthusiasm is contagious. And you saved my day! Probably had 12 or more to hand but none the size of that beast you had. Thx.
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    What in the hell is a Balanced Leech. This is a new one on me.
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    I thought I was the only D.R.E.S. sufferer. I have not found a cure, but the symptoms can be less aggravating with the consumption of cold beer and nacho cheese Doritos.
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    Nice report, I might try lone some time this week for the first time.
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    Thanks Ira ,Ron and "Old Man" for the reports and the pattern question. I'm always glad to get a report from Irafly but I DO WISH HE'D STAY HOME AND FINISH HIS BOOK. 9emphasis not intended)
  12. I'll buy that book!
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    It has been in the works for over a year now and I keep putting it off because there is honestly still a part of me that hasn't gotten over the arrogance of it all. Then again there is the other part of me that is monstrously lazy and likes to watch TV after putting the kids down to bead and after I've finished grading papers and planning for the next day of teaching.

    Summer break now and I honestly need to pound some things out. Lucky for you guys I have a wife who as interested in me finishing the book than just about anyone else.
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    Ira your wife probably thinking about all the fun she is going to have shopping after the book becomes a hit, Just need to get Tim,Brian,Phil, & Rickard to put their thumb print on it. Well I guess I should go to bead now we old guys got to sleep more to keep up with you young flyfishers
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