Lone Lake Dry Fly Video

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jeff Dodd, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Dry fly fishing was great today on Lone in the shallow water. This is cell phone video, so my not great quality.
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  3. Oh man Nick is going to die when he sees this. He got blown off Pass today.
  4. I was wondering how Pass was today. Lone was windy but I found shelter behind the cattails. I have never thrown a Chernobyl in Lone, but the fish took it without hesitation. For some reason I cannot open youtube either.... Maybe later.
  5. Veddy interesting. So what the heck possessed you to try today? (Thanks for the report; nice fish too!)
  6. Oh man you're killing me! Nice job Jeff. As Ira said Pass was winnnddyy! Ended up only staying on the water an hour or so before giving up and swinging by Ira's house. Reallly thought about heading down to Lone but figured it would be just as bad and I wanted to make it to Ira's

    Glad you had some good action Jeff!
  7. BTW I never got your text this morning. Got your message on here but someone else must have got your wind report lol
  8. The truth.... I had a fly take my orange indicator :p so I while reaching for the sofa pillow the Chernobyl caught my eye and I tied it on instead.

    I fished from 9 to 11 and landed 10 and mised many. Lucky I did not loose that fly as it was the only one in my box. I will tie more and add one with orange haha
  9. When you did not reply I figured I sent it to the wrong number buy my eyes were to tired to figure it out. So I resorted to the PM. Sounds like you had an "around the sound" kind of day!
  10. I have forgotten about the random big dry in lakes. I will now develop the slip chernobyl indicator fly.
  11. I tied this after a trip to the Yakima and had not fished it since.

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