Lone Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Islander, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Islander

    Islander Steve

    Had a few requests for info and after reading Ivan's report I figured I'd "man up" and hit Lone today. Got on the water at 11am, overcast with a slight wind. The water is still not real clear but I didn't see any large areas of algea. Had the lake all to myself. One local club buddy was leaving as I put in. He had gotten a few bobber fishing with blood worms yesterday but only one today. I brought 2 (15",16") to hand in the first 30 min. slow trolling a Camo Carey on a sink-tip. Both seemed sluggish at first but when they saw the boat or net they went wild and took a couple of nice runs. After that only got one hit and the wind increased and it started to get colder. So I whimped out and came home around 1:30. Unlike Ivan, there was no freshly baked homemade bread waiting for me, but my wife did have a nice fire going. So there is fish to be had but I wouldn't call it stellar. The weather forecast is more wind and rain for a while, so if you're going to go, layer up.
  2. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Nice report Steve.
  3. mukman

    mukman Old to the board

    Thanks for the report, and great pic. Looks like a sea monster . . .
  4. rymo

    rymo Member

    I'll likely be out there Wed-Fri this week in the early afternoon - Gray 4Runner, Blue Float Tube.

    I'll let you all know how it is :)

  5. steeli

    steeli Member

    I was out last Friday and was the Lone fisher all morning. Started fishing about 9am under pretty calm conditions. After after two or three hours, the wind really started howling and the bite seemed to die. I netted about eight fish, mostly in the 11-15" range.
  6. Jeff Dodd

    Jeff Dodd Active Member

    The water clarity is much improved from a week or two. I didn't fish last night but cleaned the neighbors dock... Fish were rising and bugs were coming off the water :)
  7. rymo

    rymo Member

    I was out last Wed - weather was amazing! Ended up landing a couple fish in the 90 minutes I had to spare - both 18". I opted for my floating line and a bobber followed by a chromonid and a bead headed bunny leech (swapped the chromonid for a san juan worm half way though). Both fish took the leech and fought well - I had a 3rd fish on and let him run after we saw each other, but I think he got tangled on a log or something because I couldn't pull him up and ended up snapping my line.

    As an aside - any tips on how to land fish on such a long leader? It's tricky in a float tube when I've got the line in to the indicator but still have 15'ish feet of leader & flys to mess with. I could switch to my sinking line, but sometimes I feel like being lazy :)

  8. troutpocket

    troutpocket Active Member

    Quick release strike indicators.
  9. Trout Master

    Trout Master Active Member

    :thumb: agree with the quickie releasies
  10. rymo

    rymo Member

    thanks guys! time to head to the shop :)
  11. Steve Kokita

    Steve Kokita FISHON206

    Rowley's quick release indicators are great! They have them at Creekside. 15' under the bobber at Lone? That's pretty deep, I usually fish around 9'-11' and have good luck. Great lake, see you on the water!---Steve
  12. Caveman

    Caveman Member

    They also have them at Teds in Lynnwood.
  13. Trout Master

    Trout Master Active Member

    Yes , Ted's has them thats where I have been getting mine . Ted's is a good shop:thumb:
  14. NushBow

    NushBow New Member

    Any new updates on Lone? I'm very close to it but based on the Pass reports I think the drive north would be worth it.
  15. Islander

    Islander Steve

    If you're real close to Lone I would fish it first. If you don't get anything in an hour or so pack up and head north to Pass. Pass seems to be more active in the PM, or maybe that's just when I end up getting there. :hmmm:
  16. Casey Hodges

    Casey Hodges Member

    I drove by Lone this morning and it's freezing over. Never seen that before.
  17. Islander

    Islander Steve

    Everything is freezing over down here. That's why my new 4wt. is still a "virgin". bawling:
  18. Tyler Speir

    Tyler Speir Artist

    Did you use the new rod?
  19. Islander

    Islander Steve

    Only test casting it at the boat ramp. I've been to big of a wimp to even get in the water. Maybe later this week.
  20. Mark Yoshida

    Mark Yoshida Active Member

    I am having withdrawls. LOL. I went to a lake last Saturday after calling the Postmaster who said the lake was good to go with only ice around the edge. Got up early and drove for the 1.5 hours, stopped for coffee at my favorite stand. Nicole gave me a funny smile, but I didnt care I was going fishing!! Got to the lake and saw that the whole damn lake was frozen over. All 200 acres. I was able to stand 3 feet from the edge and jump up and down. Never trust the local Postmaster for fishing info!!!