Lone Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Islander, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Mark, sorry your trip was a bust. At least you got a smile from someone.
    I love your last sentence. My local postmaster is not to be trusted either.
    Nice warming rain overnight. Maybe that will help the lake fishing.
  2. Postmaster - no; Islander - yes!

  3. Lone is thawed out.....trust me, I use to work for the Gov't.
  4. Watch out for this guy....he can go postal too!!! :)
  5. Hey Kokita, I think I finally hit my temperature limit yesterday in my pontoon and waders on a lake. No fair you stayed warm with your pram and Crown Royal. If I could drink anything other than coffee I would have. Next purchase is a thermos that keeps coffee HOT all day. See you this weekend on a lake.
  6. Well it's suppose to be sunny, high of 45, with very little wind tomorrow. So I will most likely hit Lone for a while. I think I'll take the plastic boat and keep my candy-ass out of the water though. Hope to christen my new 4wt. If anyone else wants to play come on over.
  7. I'm thinking of making a run up to Lone on Sunday. Any recent reports?
  8. Slow and deep or fish chironomids.
  9. I pretty much only fish Chironomids at Lone. As long as its not iced over I'll be good.
  10. Forecast for Sunday is cloudy, high of 56, you should be fine. Layer up though. The last time I was there the water temp was in the low 40's.
  11. Dickson,

    Can I ask you where you stole the pic of my King Salmon? Pretty sleazy when a guy has to steal other peoples pics and call them your own. I am going to contact the site owners and ask to have it removed and you banned from this website.
  12. LOL!

    Joe, my thoughts exactly. I was in Ted's this morning and showed the post to Mike & Steven. They both got a good laugh out of it. Thats when Mike called you and tipped you off about it. I also wonder when old muddy Lone got the gravel in the second pic.


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