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  1. Was at Lone all day on Sunday. It appears the newly planted fish are hanging around in seperate areas than the long time resident. Moved a lot, but continued to come back to the same area for bigger fish. Throat sample of an early fish was all size 14's. Caught most fishing on a green and copper size 12. Who ever was in the river boat was locked in all day; well done. Steady fishing 9:00 - 4:00. Anyone have suggestions on ensuring the indicator releases consistently? Lost everything trying to unpinned the indicator once. UHG!
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  2. This might sound dumb, or smart alecky, but don't jam the pin in so hard? I know, there's a bit of an art to getting the tension right. Seems to be easier on a fresh indi.
  3. Try different slip indicators until you find one that you like
  4. Don't rip your indicator off the water when you start your first false cast.
    That and hitting the water behind you with your backcast will at time release your indicator.
    After awhile the peg seems to expand the opening. If it keeps releasing I just put a new one on as mentioned earlier.
    A small coat of Sally Hansen's around the rim of the peg side will make the hole smaller and the indicator usable again for future trips.
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  5. I was there last Thursday and the larger older residents had not yet adjusted to all the new kids on the block. I caught lots of the new guys, but I only managed to find three of the bigger fish. Good to hear that they settled down a bit and are feeding again. That is the third time I've hit the lake right after the spring stocking and each time the bite is always off for a few days to a couple of weeks.

    Slip indicators are tough until you play with them for awhile. There seems to be a fine line between slip off on your cast and pegged for eternity sort of like a toaster setting. Another thing I've noticed works is turning the peg over so you are pegging the thicker side of the peg when the indicator part starts to loosen up.
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  6. Thanks for the great suggestions. I will fiddle with this. Stonefish you must have seen me cast before! That is probable why I am jamming that peg in too hard! No wonder it wont release.
    Reversing the peg. good Idea.

    Yep they seem to be back on track and pushed those pesky new guys out of their territory.
  7. Here is the chiro. image.jpg
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  8. Thanks for the report Earthquake.

    About the indicator releasing or not releasing. I don't use tapered leaders much if I am fishing with an indicator. Have you considered using 10-12 pound off your fly line loop knot and then a blood knot, surgeon or swivwl to the final 3' of fluorocarbon tippet. The level leader let's the indicator release the same at any point along the leader.

    If you have a factory loop at the end of your fly line, you need to use the heavier flourocarbon or cut the lool off and use heavy mono nail knotted with a perfection loop for your leader to loop to.

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  9. Earthquake , you made me come out of my shell. I was in the green fishrite drift boat on sunday with my dog Betsy. She's a canine bobber watching fool like myself. It's hard finding a sane person to sit in a boat for 12hrs starring at a Styrofoam oval chartreuse dot bobbing up and down for countless hours waiting for the next hatch to drag that damn thing down with a violent hookset to erase all the time and patience, all in hopes of landing Walter rainbow or the real deal Mr. brownstone. Been lurking this site a long time just to see how the internet reports affect the amount of angler pressure and parking spaces at some of my favorite local lakes in Skagit and Island counties. I know as well as anybody a lot of the lakes around here are not secret but we don't have to keep reminding people every other thread how blah blah lake is fishing red hot and everybody and there brother needs to get up here asap to plug the parking lot with shelter tents and guys walking around in waders looking confused and disoriented because its an absolute cluster @#%$. Fishing should always consist of a little piece of solitude, being having a run to yourself or a corner of a lake. Thank god 90% stillwater fly fisherman hate a drop of rain or a puff of wind or I would be screwed with the solitude part of my experience. Well anyways, learned some great info on this site and have some real class act guys like Salmo G, Irafly, Stonefish, and countless others that bring true life experience to the table. Don't get me wrong, I like a good internet fishing report every once in awhile with a good story thrown in but whoring out a couple lakes in particular does you no good in the search for that elusive 26";). Earthquake were you in the white dingy with the electric trolling motor? Betsy trades info for milkbones and beer. Bash away snoho and king
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  10. Welcome Big Laker.

    What keeps people away from Lone are ferry fares and gas prices.

    I trade island boat parking for beer and flies haha!
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  11. Big Laker, sorry you didn't like that post. Who said it was red hot? 26" fish? A couple lakes? Your location? If this was the first post on this lake I might understand.

  12. Jeff and all,
    What brand/type of material are you using for the level line on that set up?

  13. Ya, don't give away any of my "secret spots" on Lone! :D

    Great report Earthquake, I don't think posting successful outings about easily accessed lakes makes much difference in the crowds. From what I've seen, any weekend with decent weather will pack Lone and I'm on it or drive by it almost everyday.
  14. Thanks for the report and photo. I was on Lone Sat and Sun in the wooden pram. Sunday was the better day, due to the improved weather. I did see the guy in the drift boat with the dog on both days. He seemed to be doing really well. It took me a while to get it dialed in, but ended up doing pretty good, once I switched to a larger indicator. The larger fish seemed very bright and healthy. Actually got to test the drag on my reel!
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  15. Personally, I like reading reports on Lone Lake. I used to come down every April and stay with a good friend on Bush Point and we would fish Lone every day. Had some banner days with that green bloodworm I posted as well as a pupa attractor that is half green, half red, kinda the Barber Pole type of fly. White bead and silver rib. I miss coming down there and appreciate the reports.
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  16. You can still come down, crash with me and fish it.
  17. Gentlemen,

    I fished Lone Lake on Monday. The weather was beautiful with temps reaching 65 degrees. The fishing was "Red Hot" from 10-2. Fished Large Chiros the entire time on the far side of the lake and caught and released over 30 fish with one just over 21". I only caught 2 small fish with all others around 18-19 inches. A great day. I don't think it matters how many people are on the lake. When the fish are biting and you are dialed in, you will catch fish. Have fun!!
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  18. Sounds like a candy cane for trout! I want to see it. Any Pictures?

    I think the figuring it out is more fun than the catching. But without the catching the figuring out wouldn't be nearly as much fun!
  19. Hey Ron. I am using J-li e 100% flourocarbon, but I order it. You can likely do well with seaguar or some other brand of quality line. I recall this coming up for discussion in the stillwater forum, so you may find it with a search.

    See you on the lake!
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  20. I like it when somebody new shows up that they don't rag on anybody here. Good report.

    I was never one to sit in any floating craft and watch a bobber. I never had the patience for it. If I wasn't moving I wasn't lake fishing. I prefer fishing Skinny water. Where I fish Skinny water is open year around.

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