Lone/Pass Water Temp?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Theron, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. I want to fish one or both of these lakes in the next week with my float tube. I have been wet wading the salt for the last week and was wondering what the water temps are in Lone and Pass Lakes. Can I get by with shorts and wading boots or will I need my waders?
  2. In my opinion, neither lke is really good for wading. The bottom on Pass is soft and the weeds may be up by now. As for Pass, it drops off pretty darn quick and would be tough to get out far enough for a decent back cast. Best to use some sort of floating device.

  3. Theron,
    I would recommend waders, those lakes are usually quite cold even in mid summer and sitting in a tube on either of them in shorts would not be much fun for long. But I may be an old softie, you might be able to handle it though.

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  4. Thanks. Waders it is then.
  5. My mistake, I read quickly. I missed the float tube. Actually, with the possibility of swinners itch, I would always recommend waders.
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  6. Lone has been known to get high concentrations of fecal coliform bacteria which would mess you up if you had any open wounds on your legs so I vote for waders.
  7. Ryfly - I don't think that isa problem any longer.

    Theron. Lone does have a lot of leeches - I will let you use your imagination on that. Not bad for a 30 minute swim but 5 hours in a float tube, I would not do that ;-)
  8. I had enough of leeches slogging through rice paddies in Viet Nam. I will wear waders
  9. It is helpfun with fly selection though.

    Have fun. It will not take long for the lake water to hit 70 degrees with this sunshine. Also fair number of 0ass in Lone if the temps are to warmer than you like for trout fishing.
  10. Forgot to add Scott should bring snorkel & mask leave a sign with a container @ the launch saying will spot fish for money to buy an inflatable float tube

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