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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Nick Clayton, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Heading to Lone tomorrow to meet up with Gary Knowels....... Heading up to the island from Kitsap county. Plan to catch the 6:30 Port Townsend boat. I'll be bringing my 10' pram, so if anyone wants to tag along I can fish 2 out of my pram quite comfortably. Plan to be gone all day.
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  2. Look for us at the ramp with a pile of bricks and gravel
  3. I fished it for six hours today and got my butt kicked.

    I fish Lone several times a season and have done consistently quite well, but today was as dead as I have ever seen it. I got there at 9:00 to find one other boat on the lake. He caught no fish and left about 10:00. I was the only boat on the lake until I left at 3:00.

    I had a little action around 2:00 on buggers and leeches, but that was it.

    Hopefully things will be better tomorrow. Let us know how you do and what works. Good luck.
  4. Fun and wet day on the water.

    Met Gary at 7:30 and was on the water by eight or so. Started off near the point and picked up one fish on my leech, and missed a couple more. After a couple hours I relocated to the other side of the lake. I set up near Jeff and hit five fish in a row once again on my leech. I was casting and stepping the leech on a clear intermediate and had a rod fishing various flies under an indicator as well.

    After that things slowed for a bit then it picked up for a bit. It went on in spurts all day. Continued to hook fish right near the bottom with an ultra slow retrieve in about 7 feet of water. After a bit I set my indicator rod up with a bead head version of the same leech I was having success with and hung that about 8 inches off the bottom. Game on.

    Stuck with this combo for the rest of the day. The last couple hours it absolutely dumped, and my Sonic Pro jacket I just scored on clearance kept me toasty dry. The last hour or so it hailed so hard! My hands hurt so bad rowing in.b

    I fished till about three or so and finally headed in when the distant thunder got closer and I looked like a drowned rat. Final tally was 20 fish to the boat, 6-8 lost, and countless missed hits. Biggest fish went a shade over 19" with most in the 15-17 range.

    Fun way to spend a Saturday. Had a great time meeting and fishing with Gary. Was great seeing Jeff again and fishing with him as well. Saw him miss a nice fish on a dry fly the size of Guam. Even got to see Islander Steve and Rodney as well.

    Back after chums tomorrow
  5. Nick,
    Great report and good to catch up today. Equally fun watching you catch all the fish today!

    The Guam fly is the Pillowtop :) Beautyrest
  6. Whatever it was it clearly got the fish attention. Was super cool seeing that one come right up to eat.

    Plus I was thinking, if my pram capsized I could cling to your fly for dear life ;)
  7. Nick, you're cracking me up man. Still suffering from hypothermia I see ;)

    and the pillowtop is just my dumbed down version of a chubby chernobyl. Dumbed down is my style
  8. Haha just busting your balls....as weird as it was to see that fluffy thing riding on the surface of a lake it was clear the fish were interested. Too bad it became hard to see it mixed with the hail
  9. One of these days we're gonna show up on the same lake, Nick :eek: Bummer to miss you and Steve both...at least I've met Jeff. You'll be glad to know Pass had zero rain from first till last light, sky was clear for about half of it. Bumpers were really close but never came over the top of us. At least both lakes were on today, my friend Jamie and I saw lots of action from about lunch time on. Great report on Lone and good work with those leeches!

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  10. Jeff, Nick Thanks for sharing the water with me today... I hooked into a couple of fish during the 'hail storm', and I lost them both because the hail was beating the hell out of my hands. I ended up catching a few more after you guys left but it got too damn cold for me (not enough layers) hail in the net.jpg
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  11. Great to see you on the water Rodney, and that's a great photo. That was SOME WEATHER!
  12. As I was stoking up the fire and the pea size hail started I was thinking to myself, "I wonder if the guys are still on the lake." You guys are obviously tougher than me!!
    It was great to talk to you all and glad you got into some fish. Big thanks to Jeff for letting me borrow his sled to run across the lake for a quick visit. That sure is a nicely set up boat. The weather is suppose to mellow out mid week, so I'll hit it then.
  13. On to the important stuff.......

    How'd you like the rod?

  14. Dave, I absolutely loved it! I had it lined with a 6 wt Rio Grand, as I like to quickly, with minimal line out when indicator fishing. It threw that line no problem, and could handle plenty more. Think I may try it with a 6 wt Indicator line, which is a full line size heavier I believe.

    Anyway, it is everything I want in a stillwater stick and then some. Even took the indicator off and threw soft hackles for a bit on the floating line, and it performed beautifuly. Expect a PM regarding you never getting this rod back.... lol
  15. Nick and Jeff, it was great to meet you guys. Nick, thanks for teaching me a thing or two and answering my steady barrage of questions. It wasn't my best day for catching ever, but I did get 5 fish from 15-20". The stuff I learned on the day should translate into more success in the future. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn still.

    That weather was crazy, it flipped so quickly. The hail was a surprise and was bouncing off the tubes like a game of plinko, I was getting hit in the face by rebounders.
  16. Nice picture of hail Rodney, but where's the fish?? Lue and I were fishing in 60 degree weather.....any wild indicator sightings?
  17. Talking smack with NO REPORT from the dry side!?! :D
  18. Lue gave me a call today, and we discussed the trip you guys had on the East Side..... please note, I don't care to know how great the fishing was (If I was not there with you). I tend to get jealous, and I am not mature enough to say "I'm glad that you had a great time" BUT I must give you all the respect due to a man with your flying fishing experience [you have been fly fishing before I was born, sweet!]
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  19. Hey...wait a minute Rodney, I am mature (old) and didn't know you were only 19! So I guess I'm not that old....:cool:
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