Lone updates?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Dave Boyle, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Dave Boyle

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    From reading on here the fishing at Lone has quite been challenging but the fish are looking up, I heard of some success with tiny dry black midges on the fish rising in the middle. I'm heading out there for Friday. Anyone have other suggestions or reports since the w/end? I'll let you all know how I did, or did not as the case may be. Looking forward to it regardless.


  2. Jeff Dodd

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    Have fun Dave, I see the lake is still out there but I have not been home to fish. Don't forget small tan elk hair caddis.

    Wish I was out there also!
  3. Gregg Lundgren

    Gregg Lundgren Now fishing on weekdays too!

    Hi Dave,

    I can't help you with a report since the weekend, but I'm headed over tomorrow. I'll do my best to post a report sometime after the Seahawks game tomorrow night.
  4. SARG950

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    I've been checking these Lone reports looking for information on the water conditions, specifically was there much of a bloom? Pass Lake was pea soup at the launch but cleared the farther away you got. Any help here is greatly appreciated!
  5. PeteM

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    When I was there on Saturday, the water clarity was very good. There was some suspended algae but not too much. No real algae on top. Fishing conditions were great. The strongest hatch that I saw was from 8-10. It tapered off after 10 but was still decent. There were consistent fish hitting emergers through the time I left which was around 12:45. I'm not sure how early the hatch started as I didn't arrive until 8.

    A good chironomid pattern in black or black with white in about size 16 - 22 was the ticket. You might have to play with depth throughout the day depending on the amount of sun, etc. Most of the fish I hooked were in the top 18" with some deeper.

  6. Dave Boyle

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    Clarity was fine today, 56-57 F water temp and a light N wind. Just bring (very) small flies. There was a really prolonged hatch from ~10.30 to around 12.30 all over the middle East of the Lake. Fish were head and tailing all over. I picked up a couple on 16 spiders and in the end was onto anything small that floating. The other thread re Lone and #s caught, if you have the right fly, it would be the best 2 hrs of your life (I didn't). A gent in a boat offered me a couple of size 20 dry black midges he'd tied to dial in on this type of hatch, flies (and a beer) changed hands and soon had more fish on. The rise died off and the sun was really out by then. Tried a wrong thing that sort of worked. I hung/dragged a couple of midges only 2-5 ft under the bobber and paddled around while throwing dries or soft hackles around, nothing on the dries but 3 on the chiro's, 14 black and snow cone.

    All fish were very feisty, in great nick, ~16-18" and one was quite big for Lone

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