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    took a long needed break and hit Lone today. Trolled a black leech after putting in and caught a planter and had a few more knocks. Called some buddies for the latest and info and found one was already on the lake :) Moved over by hi and started fishing buzzers. He landed one and pumping it showed big bloodworms and black buzzers ~18 and nice olive ones. Thanks to Earthquake I'd tied up a load of 16 olive copper wired buzzers plus a few in black, brown and red/black.... I hate fishing this way as I find it dull so I fished 2 rods to mix it up and to amuse my buddy. It wasn't pretty nor cosmic but I caught a few fsih but they were in great shape, really strong, either fihhting like browns where you just can't get them up or classic ranbow whrer upon setting they were out the water ,multiple times. If my cr
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    oops typing in near dark

    crap reels had a drag they'd have been worked out. A few double hook ups, round the anchor, where's my bobber... all sorts of stuff that had my buddy shaking his head. As a proper angler he fished only one rod and also did well. A big hatch from 11 till ~2 then it died off and it got tough. So fish small, close to bottom and have fun. No pictures so not a real report.

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    Sounds like a great day Dave. Thanks for the picturless report.