Long Lining W/ A Spey Rod

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by HauntedByWaters, Dec 15, 2008.

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    In the land of "snootie" they wear their plus fours and under their breathables. The licenses have ethics printed on the reverse side, and the public beats I fished had markers that indicate how close to get to the rod in front of you as you work your way thru a run. To the PNW steelheader some stuff was just strange, ie we started fishing after 9 am, took a "manditory" hour for a nice lunch, and were off the water at 6pm.

    What a great place (Scotland) I can not wait to return.
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    Jason it seems you are over thinking this whole fishing thing. Find some fish and catch them. The long lining thing is only going to cost you more money, I am sure you have the tips, flies, and maybe even a single hander and shot to get yourself a few winters this year. Enjoy the water more and the interweb less.
    I will be chasing chrome from friday till god knows when if you find some fish I will show you how to catch them.
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    I agree for the most part. I catch plenty of steel to keep me happy most seasons.

    However, it is a fact that this technique is used a lot for salmon and steelhead, that is the reason I am asking.

    It allows you to cover lies that get passed over by swingers because they simply can't be fished that way. This makes it a good technique to me because around my area, every really good piece of water is fished 5 times by 10:00AM on weekends.

    If you would like to come to my area, and "show" me how to catch fish, be my guest. It is a lot different game though than any east side fishery. But seriously, if you are around, PM me. I can put you on some fishy water and we'll see what happens. :thumb:
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    sounds like good, out of the box strategic fishing thought Jason.
    we're on parallel paths with this one, let me know how it works out
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    Good on You Gordon,
    I have been reading this with some interest.
    I downstream streamer fish when I get the chance and the water is right.
    I used a type of Dapping for Kings In Alaska but that is another thread.
    I do not know it this will help.
    There is trick which a couple of lads that stop by the shop (with nice pictures in the their phones) explained that they were using a 60 to 80 degree down stream cast with aerial mend to get the fly to land parallel with the water.
    This mend they tell me get the fly down fast then they will reach the rod tip across the current.
    And swim the fly back and forth.
    Their explanation for such fishing is that they like to fish the real choppy rapids.
    They feel that more fish hide in these places than one would think.
    The water under the rapids in lower gradient rivers usually does not move as fast as one would think
    I think they may have something by their pictures.
    I know a lot gear guys who will fish such water with very little weight so their yarn will hover.
    I would opt for a 4/5 of 4 full sinking Scando shooting head , polyleader and mono running Line.
    As for turning over the humming birds from hell just step up a couple of weights in size and cut the tip down to some where between .066 to .089
    and you will turn over your humming birds from hell and/or Mac truck which every you prefer.
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    Thank you Aaron! Very informative.
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    What kind of waders to you wear over a kilt?
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    Why would you want wader when you are wearing a Kilt?