Long walks on the beach

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by mr trout, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. mr trout Trevor Hutton

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    So I got bored after my finals today, and despite the fact that all my fishing equipment is waiting for me in Yakima, I decided to head out to the water. I started walking around alki, and before I knew it I had strolled all the way to the fauntleroy ferry terminal. I didn't see a single fish (admittedly not the greatest of tides, times or locations), but I did find a wonderful Joe Camel ashtray to use as a change bin...
    I guess the fish take monday off...
  2. salt dog card shark

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    I used to live in West Seattle: that's a long hike! I trust the salt air erased the test tortured brain cells! Good luck on finals Mr. Trout.
  3. Steve Rohrbach Puget Sound Fly Fisher

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    I fished the incoming tide at Lincoln Park Sunday afternoon and brought four small Sea Run Cutthroat to hand. There were no signs of fish jumping but working the rip off of the point at Colman Pool with the Miyawaki Beach Popper and the Nothing With An Attitude dropper (both from Les Johnson's book) did the trick. I had several slashes at the Popper but the hookups were all on the dropper.
  4. Surf_Candy Member

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    nice work with the popper dropper!

  5. salt dog card shark

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    Hehehehehehehe, chortle, chortle. :D
    good one surf candy.