Longest day of the year . . .

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  1. Well, not quite - today's summer solstice is really just like any other day, 24 hours plus or minus some fractions of a second long.

    But the daylight portion of the day today is the longest of the year at just a second or two short of 16 hours here in Seattle. Thus begins our long downhill slide into darkness towards the end of December.

  2. Also we will have a chance to see the biggest full moon of the year on June 22-23. It is the closest the moon will be to the earth this year, if you have clear skies it should be spectacular. I saw the full moon in May just as it came over the Indian Peaks in Colorado it was breathtaking and this one should be even more so!!
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  3. Good reminder Jesse. I believe it's called a SuperMoon and will appear about 15% larger than the usual full moon. Tonight's the night, so if the weather permits, look for moonrise in the east just after dark.

  4. I'm always a little bummed that just as the weather is getting nice (in theory) we start back down the hill into shorter days. Ah well, such is life in the northwest.
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  5. Gee, thanks Kent!! I'm guessing you weren't on your high school's cheer club ;).
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  6. The highlite of this weather event is" The fremont solstice parade & festival". This marks the offical start of summer!!!
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  7. I hate this day. It means we've gone around the corner and are now headed back toward winter with the daylight slowly diminishing each day. (the way I see it, today marks the end of summer, not the beginning)
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  8. All the northern Idaho rivers are still too high due to runoff to really be able to fish them and it will be about another 30 days before they become fishable.
    I love September fishing. Low and cooling water, concentrates the trout and the October caddis begin emerging.
    The desert lakes are cool and there aren't the spring wind gales to deal with.
  9. We were out in Weippe, Id last month!! Yes!! That was an awesome moon!! It had been cloudy and rainy all day, then the rain quite right before dusk, it got foggy, then at dark, the fog started burning off and the moon came up from behind the hills!
    Gene, I agree, it is sad... Josh, yeah, we didnt get many good days so far this year. At least on the weekends.
    Kent, at least we dont live in the northern part of AK where it stays dark for how ever many days in a row... I will stick with here.
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  10. Well it might be summer to some, but my day started out at 35 degrees. Three degrees above freezing. It's closer to winter than summer.
  11. Good! I should be able to fish right up to the 10:06 low tide tonight.
  12. I think the full moon is Saturday evening and your right 15% larger and 30% brighter, It will be big tonight and Sunday night too so you really have several chances Hope it is clear?? in Seattle. Here in Colorado I intend to hike up to a spot I have picked out that will give a good view to the east, moonrise here is at about 8pm.
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  13. Well I guess that means your still wearing your long johns.
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  14. I was just listening to PBS' Newshour and they said the SuperMoon isn't until SUnday, although my smartphone app says the full moon is tomorrow. Who knows?

  15. I must say, I'm looking at the moon right now and it looks about as bright as I've ever seen it.
    With all the talk about all the dangerous wild animals lurking out there lately, now we gotta watch out for werewolves!
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  16. For us, here in the Pacific Northwest, the moon is full on Sunday, but it will appear to us as full on Saturday as well.
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  17. Dang, That time already and I haven't finished my summer projects yet.:rolleyes: Night should never last more than 7 or 8 hours. Its good for sleeping and not much else, unless you're some kind of nocturnal predator. Less darkness is just fine, since one can just close the blinds and the curtains. More than 8 hours of darkness outside just sucks.

    I didn't get to see that big bad moon, as an overcast moved in when I was inside fixing dinner.

    It was summer here yesterday for sure, with excellent small surf, water about as warm as it ever gets, everybody having a good time, and it didn't even bum me out after surfing, when I found that I had locked my spare key inside my rig (forgot to hide the key outside).
    I did have to trade the beer I had brought along as an after surfing refresher for the use of another surfer's cell phone so that I could call the locksmith, who showed up in only 10 minutes after I called, and dinged me for $65.
    No problem. I just went and bought more beers and went back to watch the surfing and talk to beautiful Canadian surfer girls.:D
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  18. Hey Jim, at your age all you can do it talk about girls in general. AT my age I don't even think about them. Females are the things farthest from my memory.
  19. Heh, heh. I'm not yet ready for the "Montana of the mind." I still live at the beach. The problem I have is dodging and escaping from the crazy ones! Seems like in my age range, they're all batshit crazy.:D
    Those surfer girls down from BC sampling our waves are often friendly, most always hot looking, and most of 'em can carry on a good conversation.:)
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  20. "Ah, save me, save me, save me from this squeeze.
    I got a big fat mama trying to break me.
    And I love to live so pleasantly,
    Live this life of luxury,
    Lazing on a sunny afternoon"

    -- Ray Davies, Sunny Afternoon

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