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  1. K, I researched this and you're quite right even though initially I thought the rod was U.S. made. But I'm glad I bought my Redington rod from a local shop in Poulsbo. I prefer to shop local if I can so as to support the neighborhood economy.

    And please, don't tell me that the "made in USA" claim on the box of my new Konic just applies to the cardboard!!! ;)
  2. And in my research I found this info in a post on another fly forum:

    "So here is the skinny on SAGE, REDINGTON, ALBRIGHT RODS. Sage was founded in 1980 by legendary rod designer Don Green, and Bruce Kirschner (formerly of K2 Skis). Redington was founded in 1992 by Jim Murphy, this company was known as Bristol Bay rod and fly rod before it became Redington. In the summer of 2003 Sage bought Redington and immediatly fired Jim Murphy. Then Jim Murphy had a plan up his sleeve and Albright Rods was founded in the Sept of 2004. Funny thing is that the same company that Jim Murphy had for making his Redington blanks is now making his albright rod blanks. Same Design too. When Albright first started the Albright EXS was the same rod as the Redington NTIQ (NTI Quarts) this was in 2004/2005, except that the EXS was cosmetically better looking, and less expensive.

    One more thing Sage owns Redington, but the blanks are completely different, Sage blanks are made Bainbridge WA, and Redington rods are made in China, also fyi Redington reels are made in Korea. Albright rods and reels are the same as Redington, rods in china reels in korea."

    This is mildly interesting to me and one can find lots of true and not-so-true info on the web but it doesn't change the fact that I like my new rod (regardless of the country of origin) and am looking forward to seeing how it feels with a few fish on it! :)

    BTW, I drive a Japanese truck but it was assembled in Smyrna, Tennessee! ;)
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  3. Dipnet,
    Glad you're liking your new stick. Redington puts out a fine product.
    This might help you figure out who owns Sage and Redington as well as Rio.

    The Joshua Green Corporation of Seattle, Washingtontoday announced the creation of Far Bank Enterprises, a wholly owned subsidiary that will function as a holding company for the corporation’s fly fishing brands.
    Far Bank Enterprises is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of fly fishing products which include fly fishing rods, fly reels, fly lines, leaders, tippets and performance outdoor apparel.Far Bank’s subsidiaries operate under the brand names of Sage, Redington and RIO.

  4. Yeah, I think I saw that on the interweb but honestly, it's not that important.

    What is important, as I'm sure we all know, is a quiet walk down the beach; the sun glinting off the water or conversely, the clouds hanging low and the raindrops dimpling the water surface and making that little "pitter-pat, pitter-pat" noise on the hat or parka hood; the "wisk-woosh" sound of a line/rod being casted and the joy of that first take and seeing that flash of silver that you know you're now connected to!

    It's kinda a spiritual thing, eh?

    Man, I love fishin'!!! :D:D:D

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