Looking for 1st pontoon. Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by flyfishidaho, Mar 11, 2007.

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    I would like to buy a pontoon boat, but am not sure what I should be looking for, thought maybe you guys could help. I really like the quad pontoon design, mostly because of the low profile to help reduce wind resistance in windy Idaho. I also like them for the stability as I will mostly use it in moving waters e.g. the Salmon. What should I look for in terms of fabric, bladder material, length, etc.? I know I want an aluminum frame for rust and weight reasons, but am lost when it comes to everything else. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated!
  2. SuperDave

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    The choices are many but some important things to consider are:

    - Length: 9 foot is ideed for most applications
    - Rowing Frame: will it accomodate your height? Do you want a "stand-up" frame?
    - Construction: are the pontoons durable and suitable for conditions that will be encoutered?
    - Oars: are they long enough to suit you?
    - Anchoring system: is provision made for anchoring?
    - Budget: at a minimum $500 ranging upward to a grand
    - Provision for a motor: nice if you use an electric
    - Weight capacity: look for around 400 pounds, more if you are heavy yourself
    - Pontoon "rocker": provides rowing manuverability in swift water
    - Ease of assembly/disassembly: obviously important
    - Warranty/Repair: important if your damage your boat

    Personally, I have a 9' Dave Scadden Expedition DLS and it has been everything that I could expext in a 'toon. I selected this boat after borrowing and using one at Chopaka a number of years ago ('02). I'd buy another Scadden if I had the need. I've used it in Class III rivers with no problems. It rows well in lakes too. It is a very secure and stable fishing tool.

    I bought it a the Seattle Sports Show
  3. silver

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    check out outcast (pac 800 or 900) and bucks bags (bronco) or if you are more budget minded check out the newly designed discovery 9 also from outcast.
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    Looking for 1st pontoon. Simple Decission!

    That is if you are going for the lower end made in China toons. For instance Outcast doesnt make its low end pontoon boats. They are made by Rivendell. Rivendell makes most of the pontoons that come out of CHina. Boats sold by Orvis, by Costco, made by Rivendell. So save yourself a big chunk of change and buy a rivendell model instead of the exact same boat except with a Outcast label and twice the cost. Now if you want a high end boat that is made in the US, then the decission is not so easy, as you have Outcast, Dave Scadden, etc.
  5. Christian Brewer

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    I have a Buck's Bags 9' Bronco Extreme and am pretty happy with it. I'm a big guy and so far I have never felt like I didn't have even pontoon on any of the rivers I have floated and I never feel like I'm getting blown around more when I am in the pontoon as compared to my float tube when I am on a lake somewhere. I don't know who or where they are made (nor do I care) but Buck's headquarters are in Boise, ID.

    I have friends with the Scadden and Outcast boats that are pretty happy with those also. So I don't think that you could go wrong with 9 footer from any of those 3 companies.