WTB Looking for .223 or .22-250

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by teedub, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. Got a slight coyote problem. What have you got to sell or trade. Lots of Simms gear, some Smith optics and assorted other stuff. Have cash if that is what you are after.
  2. 220-swift is also a very nice cartridge for Wiley coyote. 52 gr hollow point normally enters but does not exit, keeping the hide in good shape for the market if keeping the hide is not desired a .243 is also a good cartridge for deer which might be worth considering. They are fun to call in---although I don't use the 220-swift or .243 much since moving to WA, I'm not ready to give them up yet unless you have a used assault or water-master or similar frame-less pontoon..
  3. There are a couple of 'yote shooters on the forum....Maybe solicit some help?
  4. Thanks for the response - I do have a frameless but even Wylie Coyote can't keep me from fishing. They are keeping the Turkeys at bay but they want to eat everything in their territory.
  5. Nobody has anything or everyone at the show.
  6. teedub i have a professional ordenence carbon 15 lightweight ar15 in .223. If you are interested give me a yell
  7. I am hoping to find a bolt action type if I can. Thanks for looking and sending me your note!
  8. I'd be glad to help alleviate your coyote problem . . .
  9. +1 to being able to help with your coyote problem... nothing for sale though. Under 50 yards i use a 17 HMR, Ive yet to have one run on me.
  10. Thanks to all. I looked at Rankin's weapon and it is sweet - but a little out of my range (in $). When I find something I will look you guys up that want a shot at the dirty little _astards. If it was after June 1 we could fish the Teanaway - I am right on it just above the Yak about a mile and a half.
  11. Thats some prime tenkara rod water I fish it often..
  12. prime yotie habitat too!
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