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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Josh, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. I'm looking for a 6wt switch rod. Not looking for premium high end, not my pricerange (or style usually).

    I'm looking for something along the lines of: Echo SR, TFO Deer Creek, Cabelas Lsi, Rainshadow etc.

    EDIT: just to clarify, I'm looking for one to buy. I'm not so much looking for advice here on which one to buy (though please send any advice via PM if you would like). Thanks.
  2. Cabelas Lsi is a good rod at a great price---I like mine. I would like to cast the Echo-3; if you can, I would before purchasing anything. I have a Redington CPX that I like---the new Prospector should also be a good one. Again go cast a few.
  3. I casted the new Echo 6wt SR with an 8wt line single handed and that thing flew a mile. I'd love to find a used one but I really don't need another 6wt. Now a 4wt SR that is another story altogether. Good luck in your search, I may follow this closely.
  4. One other thing about Cabelas--you can use the rod for 60 days and return it if it does not perform the way that you thought it would. As previously stated---I would look very closely at the Echo they get great reviews.
  5. Thank you all for the comments. The reasons you state and the reputations of the rods I listed are the reasons I am interested in them.

    However, I posted this as a "WTB" in the classifieds hoping that someone would have one to sell.
  6. If you'd be interested in a Scott A3 1106/4 shoot me a pm. I've got one that I've used maybe 5 times.
  7. Just thought I'd mention that the 6wt lsi seems a bit slower than the 5wt. The 6 wt is the only 3pc in the line for some reason. If you like quicker rods I would suggest going a different route. Regardless, I will admit its a sweet rod especially if you get it on sale... Which is often with cabelas...
  8. I had forgotten that the 6wt seemed to be the odd duck out of the Lsi flock. Not sure what I think about that. Given that I plan to use it as a spey much more than an overhead rod, it might be a good thing. The TFO Deer Creek switches are supposed to be pretty full flex.

    But on the other hand, I haven't heard that 6wt get as much love as the other Lsi rods. Perhaps I should limit my search to the other rods I mentioned.
  9. Have the echo solo spey 12'6 6wt never been out of the tube. Have 420 Scandi and hand full of reels to pick from if interested.
  10. Sorry, but that's a spey. I'm looking for a switch.
  11. Copy that.
  12. I have a nice Beulah Classic Switch 10' 6" 5/6 wt. This was not on your list but PM me if interested.

  13. So, have you made a decision yet? I've been looking for a 6 wt switch also. I went low budget as this is my 1st switch/spey rod attempt and didn't want to spend much $ on something that may not work out for me. I got the Cabelas TLr 11' 6 wt which was on sale for 25% off. I figure it will be ok to learn on and then maybe upgrade down the road. Waiting for it to arrive so I can start practicing over on the Nooksak. Anyone have recommendations for what line to use?
  14. I'm pretty much still looking for an Echo SR or a TFO Deer Creek. If I don't find anything at a price that I'm interested in, I may try my hand at building up a Rainshadow blank. However, I did run across a good deal on a Redington CPX 6wt that looks interesting.

    On the other hand, I really love my Deer Creek 13' 6/7 spey, so it's really tempting to try and find a switch version of that rod. Not that they would be exactly the same, but you'd expect them to be similar.
  15. You will probably not care for the cpx. Not their best rod line. That is why they are available.
  16. Interesting. Most of what I have read is positive. But then again, sometimes it can be hard to find comments from people who fish/cast the same way you do. This is more of an issue with switch rods I would guess, given their multiple casting styles. For all I know, I'm reading positive reviews from people who are single hand casting the CPX, something I would not likely be doing.
  17. Ive got a red truck switch rod thats for sale. 11 foot 7 weight. 300$ this thing cast so nice and ill throw a shooting head in with the sale to save you a few bucks. pm me if yourinterested.

  18. I have owned the Redington CPX Switch Rod and now own the newer Prospector model in 8wt. I have not been disappointed with either, of course other people may have other opinions and experiences with the rod(s)
    The only way you could really know for sure is if you can find someone who owns the CPX and see if you like it. I had no such person near me so I bought the CPX based on online reviews and advice of those who have fished them. Like you, I also was on a tight budget but wanting a new rod vs. a used rod and building a rod was not my desire either. If you can find the CPX on sale it is hard to beat for the price. My other choice for affordable switch rods is the Echo Solo. I own a 4wt. and like my Redington it serves my needs just fine.. I do not use Switch Rods for overhand casting .. what's the point? I have single hand rods for that. I use my switch rods on rivers where I want more distance but have lots of back brush and trees to contend with. I see at some sites the CPX is on sale since the newer model Prospector became available. I do prefer the Prospector over the CPX as it seems to be a bit more limber and sensitive. Purchasing the rod was one expense, buying a reel to match well with your rod adds more expense as does the purchase of a Scandi or Skagit line setup if you choose to go with that setup. You do get what you pay for but in my opinion buying either a Redington or Echo Switch rod especially for a first time switch rod is not such a bad thing. In a perfect world I would own a Sage or Loomis Switch Rod but that will have to wait, until then I am happy with what I could afford at the time. Whatever rod you purchase setting it up correctly will give you the best results.

    Just my two cents, Ron
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