Looking for a 2 or 3wt flyrod

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by fly15, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. fly15

    fly15 New Member

    I am looking for a 2 or 3wt fly rod under 80 dollars, does any
    one have a used one they want to get rid of , or know where
    i can get one.I am only 15 so i don't have that much money
    80 dollars is about my limit, by the time i buy a reel and fly line
    i will probably be paying 120 to 150 dollars wich is a lot when your going to want a car in a year.THANKS. :THUMBSUP
  2. billylee

    billylee New Member

    I believe Cabellas has a 3 wt comb (called three forks or somthing like that) for about 60-70 dollars. It includes a rod and reel. Then all you would need is line, leader, backing.

  3. SteelyStan

    SteelyStan New Member

    I don't ever want to use this forum for any commercial endevor. However, I really support getting young people into the art of fly fishing and often offer very reduced prices for fly rods and reels to those who are just getting started. I do have an 8ft 4 piece 3 weight IM6 Graphite fly rod with wooden reel seat, and ceramic stripping guide which I can sell you for well under your budget amount. Just email me at stan.rosalie@verizon.net.

    P.S. If this reply violates, in any way, the rules of the forum, please have the moderator let me know. I thoroughly enjoy having the forum available. It has helped me many times in finding the right places to fish. This year it helped me catch my first salmon on a fly including an 11 lb humpy and a multitude of chum.

  4. Gene Yotsuuye

    Gene Yotsuuye New Member

    I have a Cabella's Three forks, 3 wt rod, rod alone was $40. It's a 7'-6" 3 piece. Last year was may first year fly fishing so I have limited experience. But for small creek trout fishing I think it was great. Since on a small creek you don't have to cast very far and the trout are smaller, I found it more fun and easier to work with than my 9 foot, 5 wt.