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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Sageman, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. I'm looking for a 4 or 5 piece, 3 wt fly rod in the 8-9 to 9-0 range for backpacking. Was planning on buying a new one and was looking at the Sage SLT or VT2 rods, although I may still get talked into a Burkheimer.

    In any case, it was suggested that I put out a post and see if anybody had one that they were trying to sell that fits these criteria.
  2. If you can find a389-4 LL Sage ...That would be one great way to go. Some places are still selling the VPS at discount...the old LL blank (VPS light). I have not played with either Sage mentioned. Good Luck
  3. Go cast the Temple Fork Outfitters 8' 6" 4pc 3 wt before you make your decision. It is a realy honey. (Also, try the Finesse series and see how those feel...)

  4. I've had a number of different 3wts and can echo Porter's recommendation for the Sage 389-4 LL At 8'9", it's got length and enough backbone to toss a size 8 stimulator more than 50 feet, but enough flex and sensitivity that it doesn't feel like a broomstick with a size 18 BWO and an 8" mountain cutt on the business end. I'd describe the action as medium to medium fast, which to my mind seems entirely appropriate for a 3wt (after all, it's not like you'll be using it to fish for steelhead, so who needs a rocket launcher?)

    Sadly, the original has been out of production for some time although Sage did reissue a limited run of 500 rods about three years ago. They only sold moderately well at ~$500 each before an online flyshop in Pennsylvania bought the remaining 100 or so and blew 'em out at about $300.

    I had a chance to spend a number of days on Kelly Creek several years ago fishing both the 389-4 LL and the 389 SLT side by side and found them to be nearly identical. At the time, the new SLT was about $125 or so cheaper than the LL, although the blank and the components were the same so I'm not sure why. While the LL is no longer available (and I'm sure not selling mine!), the SLT is so I'd strongly suggest looking at one.

    I've owned other 3wts by Scott, St. Croix, and Loomis, and have spent time with models from TFO, Cabelas and others. Aside from a couple of bamboo rods that I prefer over any graphite, I think the Sage LL/SLT 3wt is probably the best casting rod of the bunch and backed by the best warranty in the business.

    FWIW, I do have a Loomis GL3 8' 2-piece 3wt that hasn't been out of its tube in a couple years if you're interested . . .

  5. I didn't even know they made the 389 ina 4 pc rod. I've got the 389 2-piece that I don't use anymore, but it isn't exactly a backpacking rod...

  6. Do you mean the SLT? Yes, they do: http://www.sageflyfish.com/default.asp?p=25 The one I fished several years ago was a 2-piece one though.

  7. I also have a 389 ll (2 pc). Best light rod on the planet. Very fishable. I'd like one in a 5 weight if anyone has one.
  8. 389 ll are sickness!
  9. iagree Did Sage ever make the LL in a 5wt? I've seen 2wts, 3wts, and 4wts periodically for sale on eBay, mostly in 2 piece, some 3 piecers, but never in a 4-piece.

  10. Yes. No 6 weights.
  11. I must disagree with the no 6 wts claim. I had a LL 690-3 which I just sold a few months ago on this board (still kinda bummed I did it). And no, Kent I meant the LL series. I knew they made a 2 pc and a 3 pc, wasn't aware of the 4 pc variety.

  12. Sorry for the misunderstanding - I couldn't tell which one you were referring to from your original post.

    I was told the reason that Sage reissued the 389-4 LL is that it was the most popular of all the LL series and one of the first 4-piecers they ever manufactured, back in the early to mid-1990s I believe.

    Sage had plans to reissue some of their other oldies IF the 389-4 LL sold well, which unfortunately it didn't. My reissued LL came in a black tube marked Sage Classic with a gold cap. The rod is inscribed with the run number (#57 of 500) stamped on the bottom of the reel seat.

  13. Mine is #437 and I bought mine from that Penn. outfit. I've seen some on ebay from time to time but are rare. Another rod I forgot to mention and I casted this last summer was the Sage TXL..the one I demoed was the 7'10 4 weight (3 piece..I believe they are all three piece). It was a sweet little fun rod to cast...nice looking, good components, and 100.00 plus cheaper than other high Sage lines (XP. SLT). Definitely a dry fly rod. Might feel like a whale on the end with any trout over 20". TFO came out with a finesse series....light presentation rod..up to 5 weight with variety of lengths and
    all are four piece. They are fairly new and not have heard much feedback...but maybe worth a look.
  14. i too am shopping for a new 3 weight and based on what i've read here will add the SLT to my test cast list. i've been fishing a 7'9" rod and would like something longer.

    has anyone fished the winston BIIx 8'6" 3 weight?

    too bad about the LL. by all accounts, a great series of rods. tough to find these days, though. i did see some offered recently from an online shop -- fly fishing show demo rods i believe. maybe the same PA outfit mentioned earlier?


  15. hey kent,
    i just sold a fairly rare factory 2pc 581LL that was a real pleasure to fish with. it was a graphite II rod that i got from an employee at sage. the guy i sold it to ended up being an internet fly shop (and his handle is traden stuff) and he's reselling it. a buddy of mine has a 590LL that he'll never part with though.
  16. Looking for a 3 wt and the best light line to go with it

    go for the 389-3 LL or vps-lt(same blank) , you cant go wrong,
    i got a 389vps-lt(couldnt find a LL), and love it to death, it really does it all, by the way if u r at it, buy a cortland classic Sylk dt3f to go with it, only the best light line out there, thinner straighter suppler, BETTER, and thus the best subtle presentation, if u have ever cast a real silk line, this is the next best thing (without the hassle :thumb: )
    the marryat cmr 3/4 balances it great, and has a great drag.
    i got mine in bronze

    if you cant find the LL or vps lt, the SLT is a good second

    good luck

  17. you sold an LL ??? wont happen to me, id rather starve
  18. Looking for a 3 wt and the best light line to go with it

    There's a new 389-3 VPS-lt for sale on E-bay right now if I remember correctly. They also have a Winston LT 389 5 piece for sale as well.
  19. THe BIIX is a great rod, but much faster action than the LL
  20. thanks, joe. i have the BIIx in a 5 weight and love it. over the last year it's become my "go to" trout rod. funny, though, i don't think of it as being all that fast. it's power is deceiving 'cause it's so light and sensitive. so... i figured i'd go cast the 3 weight. gotta hit some shops once this rain abates.


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