Looking for a 4 weight setup

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Joe Fitzpatrick, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Joe Fitzpatrick Member

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    I'm looking for a 4 piece fast action 4 weight rod, reel and line at a reasonable price. Anyone have any suggestions????

    I'll gladly trade a 2 piece WW Griggs 9 ft 5/6 weight moderate fast action rod (GX900-5).

  2. scotch New Member

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    Right now on e-bay there is a Diamondback VSR 9' 4wt 2 piece. It's at $54.00. I have this rod and it is awesome. I fish it over sage hands down! Auction closes Sunday 2/26. They don't make VSRs any more and their getting harder to find. It's a fast rod. I fish a 4wt DT on it and it performes well on all types of casts. Good luck
  3. Jason Decker Active Member

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    TFO has a new rod out - The Finesse Series. It is SWEET.
    Ron has one with your name on it at AATF. Nice price.

    This line has 2 4wt Models

    TF 04 79 4 F 4 Wt. 7'-9" 4 Pc. IM6 Graphite┬╣ $179.95

    TF 04 89 4 F 4 Wt. 8'-9" 4 Pc. IM6 Graphite┬╣ $179.95
  4. scotch New Member

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    I would stay clear of the TFO's personally. Beyond the aggressive marketing campaign and "Lefty" they don't have much to offer. The local shop here called them crap yesterday and today you get a free hotdog to come cast one. This is just my opinion which I should probably keep to myself

  5. MauiJim ka lawai'a

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    TFO rods are excellent beginner rods and good fishing tools. The fit and finish are not on par with Sage or others, but neither is the price. TFO's warranty service is setting the standard for the industry. Scotch, everyone has an opinion, and your shop makes a higher margin selling Sage than TFO, which may explain their recommendation to you. I bought a Sage as my first rod, and wish I had known about the TFO equivalent as it was superior in performance and price, especially for me as a poor grad student (I had bought an LE, most comparable to a TFO Pro series).

    Deschutes- I'd look into finding a used, demo, or even new TFO Professional series 490-4 (9 ft), or 480-4 (8 ft) if you fish smaller streams; obviously cast one if you have a chance to, but I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  6. Curtis New Member

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    I am sure they must be crap rods with a lifetime warranty. Even some higher end rods dont have lifetime warranties.....to each his own!
  7. Flyfishsteel New Member

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    The only drawback on some TFO models is the crappy reel seats and thats it. Other than that, the Ticr and TicrX can compete with the best!
  8. scotch New Member

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    yeah, it was a pretty harsh judgement on my part.It was fueled mostly by some issues I have with the marketing practices. Things that should never be thrown in the way of someone just trying to get on the water in a comfortable manner. Hell my first rod came from sears and is probably behind someones seat today. I tied flies with roadkill because I wouldn't pay shop prices. I had the time of my life and caught tons of fish! Today it is a little different but the fun is the same.