looking for a 8wt fly rod used /new

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bobkt76, Sep 21, 2001.

  1. bobkt76 New Member

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    sumner, wa, good old usa.
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    i am looing for a new rod my old lady killed me old one and i need a new one i have some cash but not alot so if u have a rod colecting dust call me #253-831-2807 my name is bob
  2. aaronsander New Member

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    Asheville, N.C.
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    check out my rainshadow 8wt. 9ft. 2 pc. in my galleries aaronsander is the gallery name
  3. Flyfishsteel New Member

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    Buy a NEW TFO Professional 8wt 4pc 10' for only 139.00 !!! You won't regret it.
    Or even better, spend a couple more buck and get the fast Ticr!
  4. jstlhd New Member

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    Lake Stevens, Wa
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    I have a 9ft-9weight St Croix Imperial Series fly rod sitting around and have been thinking of selling it.
    Plays lighter than a 9weight.
    $100 is fair I think.
    Give me a shout back if interested.
  5. slowsliprun New Member

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    If Bob isn't interested, I am. I'm looking for a rod to attempt to catch my first dog on a fly.
  6. Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

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    Twin Bridges, MT
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    I have a 896-2 sage ds2 (9 1/2 foot 8wt) for 100$ not even one year old, send me a pm if interested
  7. Joz Member

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    Jergens..I'm very interested in your 8wt. Where are you located? Merle
  8. Mike Wade Member

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    Shoreline, Washington, USA.
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    Take a look at Dano's rpl, the thread right above yours.I had one and wish I still did. I liked it better than my SLT.
  9. oakislandreds New Member

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    Greensboro, NC
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    I have a 2005 St Croix Legend Ultra U908.4 (the new IPC one) that has been used 10-15 times. It is at least a 9 out of 10 and a sweet rod, but I am looking for a slightly faster rod. Wife said abolutely not when I tried to explain the importance of having a backup rod, so this one must go! $200 will take it, retail is $340.