Looking for a Cabelas 7' 4/5 WT C.G.R.

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  1. I posted this in the classified section as well, but thought I may also get a response here.

    Just looking to see if anyone has one of these and willing to let it go for cheap?? Cabelas 7' 4/5 WT C.G.R....
  2. If others have been as happy with theirs as I have been with mine, you won't find too many for sale at any price!

  3. I currently own the Cabelas 5'9" 3WT.. Do you own just the Cabelas 4/5WT or others as well?
  4. I have the 7'0" 4/5 wt, which has become my small water go-to rod, and the 7'6" 5/6 wt. I haven't used the latter much, but bought it for my grandson, who is still a little small for fly fishing.
  5. Yeah I really want a 4/5 weight rod.. I found one that someone is selling but they want $100 for it. The price seems a little steep to me since I purchased 2 x Three weight rods Four $30. Granted I did find both bods in the bargain Cave of Cabela's.. I am hoping that all of these rods have the same type of action, do both your rods feel the same when you cast them?
  6. James -
    I suspect they all have similar action. The two I have seem to be very similar in that respect.

    I decided against going with the really light rod and was glad I had the 4/5 wt when I hooked an 18" cutt on a small stream with lots of underwater obstacles in Montana two summers ago. I needed to be able to apply some pressure to land the fish. On the forks of the Snoqualmie, the 3wt might be perfect.

    I think these rods will hold their value. Now that they are no longer available, new, or like-new, rods will continue to sell for near $100, which was their original price, if I recall correctly.

  7. Do you use glass rods a lot? Do most glass rods have the action that the Cabela's C.G.R. have? Would you know of another glass rod that has similar action? I am currently trying to buy the 4/5WT from craiglist but may have hit a bump in the transaction.... POOP
  8. It sounds like the newer CGT rods have a faster action than the older CGr model, and that the CGR is a pretty typical glass action.
  9. CGR series (the first series with green blanks) are supposedly very typical glass action - medium (for glass) if you use the higher of the two rated lines. The CGT is indeed supposedly a step quicker, but don't expect it to overlap into the realm of medium action graphite. It will still be a step or two slower.
  10. James -

    Lugan certainly knows glass rods much better than I do. I own and enjoy these two, but otherwise have little experience with glass rods. I've cast a couple of very old (e.g., 50 yrs or so) glass rods and find them much less enjoyable to cast.

  11. I am sitting here at the computer with my CGR 7'6" 5/6 weight rod in my lap. I acquired it 4 or 5 weeks ago at the Cabela's in Lacey, Washington. A friend of mine brought a 3/4 weight rod a week earlier for about $60. I wasn't looking to buy a rod when I went in the store but when I was told the sale price ($30) I grabbed it and never looked back. I have used it a couple of times and enjoy it. But then I enjoy every rod I have including the ones I haven't built yet. Best of luck finding one.
  12. Lacey is where I picked up my 3WT. I actually grabbed two of them.. They were the last CGR's in the barrel.. I found one on Craigslist but the deal fell through.. POOP!!! So I am back to square one..
  13. I'm so jealous you guys got those rods for $30. I've heard really good things about them.
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  15. james, I hope you like yours as much as I like mine.
  16. Just received my 4WT in the mail.. Just my luck all the river in my area are BLOWN WAY OUT!!! Only good news with all this rain is that I get to cast my new rod on the new Lacey River on Ruddle ST....
  17. COULDN'T WAIT TO GET IT ON THE WATER!!! image.jpg image.jpg
  18. the CGR is a seriously sweet series. too bad they screwed it up by "upgrading" to the CGT.

    I love my 6'6" 4wt CGR, not the best finish in the world, but it sure is a sweet fishing tool.

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