Looking for a Fly Fishing Partner (Perferably a lady age 21-25)

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by drutledg, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Is this Hotdate.com or washingtonflyfishing.com?:confused:

    You should start a forum for lonely fly fishers.
    I could give them a compability test that I use for premarital counseling.
    You and I could make big bucks for charging a fee for our matching making service.:rofl:

    Ecompablefishers.com would eventually be a new web site. Then Chris and I could retire wealthy.:thumb:

  2. Thanks. That is me. The steelhead is my most recent tattoo, with the pike over the shoulder done just before that. Most was done in Anchorage, but the steelie and the pike were done by my new artist at Slave to the Needle in Ballard.

    Thanks....but uh...what gals do you speak of? Oh, the ones who are dating the guys driving BMW's, sporting six-packs and a tan? Yeah, I've seen some of them around. I've got my number, and I'm standing in line....:D
  3. Most of the bars in town are off-limits to Coasties due to fights and trouble. We pretty much hit the Fish and Castaways (for the times we do go out) like you mentioned. Do you spend time in P.A.?
  4. Everyone must admit though that this thread has had so many views and replies in the past two days and it will probably surpass the "Profanity" and "Size of Flies" threads soon and OMG there are no feuds!!!
  5. Wow. Jeff...you had to go out there and put up your pic and all...haha...that was/is hilarious man. This whole thread is hilarious. By the way, me and Linnea should be well on our way to some fun in streams...fly fishing of course...(she's 20...but I think I can budge the age...right...lol)!!
  6. I do read this, by the way.
  7. Of course you do. I think all WFF is reading this thread...well close to it... It's just getting hilarious and I gotta have some fun with it, because it's well...hilarious... I'm headed to the South Fork around 436th Ave. Should be good fishing in late evening before the thunderstorms roar through. Trooper DRUT
  8. I think myspace has gone to everyone's head.
  9. I feel that you have gotten the wrong impression about me. I'm looking for fish. Not a boyfriend. I have no doubt you are a nice guy. But that's beside the point.

    What I mean by "I do read this, by the way" is that girls don't like to see:
    "By the way, me and Linnea should be well on our way to some fun in streams...fly fishing of course...(she's 20...but I think I can budge the age...right...lol)!!"

    They feel like little toys, or that you're using them as a device to prove yourself.
    And it makes you look possessive. (Especially considering that no such date has been set up yet) Neither are positive.

    So if you, or any other guy here of any age, presents himself as a gentleman with sincere interest in fly fishing and the generosity and kindness to share some of his fishing knowledge, I am delighted. If you are looking for someone for whom to flex your biceps, show off your cast, and splash around in the shallows with trying to see how deep you can get... Let me not waste your time.
    Having read this and understanding my intentions, feel free to call me to discuss fishing anytime except between 4 and 6pm when I will be ski training. :)
  10. Did I imagine it, or was there a very clever play on words in here somewhere?

    No showing off our casts? If I knew how to throw a half-decent loop, I think I'd be disappointed.
  11. I personally feel that in response to Linnea's comment, it is great to have women from all ages and all experience levels on this site. We should all do our part to be gentlemen and offer advice and not divulge in making rude advances. Granted my avatar is not the most "pc" and Mingo's pics are not that as well, but if it is all taken by both parties in great fun then, more the better.

    Linnea, welcome to the wff and I will gladly give you advice on everything fly fishing related.
  12. Good call!!! After all this is a fly fishing forum and not some smut site.
    But I got to tell ya I just love fishy pictures, so bring on the XXX fish.
  13. Oh well, back to selling refrigerators......
  14. Obi - My observation too. Usually the shooting starts around page 3 or 4. There were a couple shots over the bow on 1 & 2 but it's been a funny read.
    Jeff - Great pics and pecs man! Hahahaha, spilled my coffee this morning.
    DRut - Welcome sir.

  15. All playfullness aside, I am quite serious, willing, and excited to fly-fish with you! It would be fun to have someone to go fly fishing with and get to know as friends. I am not some sleezy guy who is trying to hook-up on WFF. I have a girlfriend but she hates (hates and I mean hates) fly-fishing. So I was looking for someone who wants to enjoy fly-fishing and becoming friends. With that said, I do apologize if my comments were over the top, and a bit demeaning, that was NOT my intent. I do apologize. I will call you today...to discuss fishing and when you would want to go...starting on the S. Fork or Middle Fork would be a good idea, as you mentioned. We'll talk about it. Thanks for the reply Linnea!
  16. I agree. I just joined this group at WFF two days ago and find the humor on here to almost surpass the knowledge. Thanks Chris for building such a great site! DRut
  17. Moderators,

    For goodness sake, lock this thread.....

    Is this a Springer episode? I keep looking for the camera as I read this!:confused:
  18. Now, now, no reason to get uptight. They would have closed it if it was innappropriate like the video plug that I helped close today.

    We have all come to like this new member. He seems like a great guy and we have all had some laughs on this thread.
  19. Here, here!!! Welcome to all the new members this week.
    If ya can't laugh at you'er self than don't laugh at others.
    Only one more day and I've "Gone fishin"
  20. agreed, can't you PM this garbage to each other, i'd rather read someone's advertisement for a fly fishing movie than this....
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